diet for my bird

by vimal

my bird doesn't like fruits,can I give him boiled vegetables. (email removed, we do not post email addresses.)

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Jan 09, 2010
Diet for your bird
by: Tracie

It would be better to give your bird organic raw vegetables. Boiled or cooked vegetables do not have much nutrition, so you are just filling them up without helping them be healthy.

Your bird should actually be on a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's or other non-colored pellet. At least 80% of the diet should be pellets and the other 20% can be healthy treats.

If your bird does not like fruit, that is fine. The pellets have all the necessary nutrition, the rest is just fun healthy food for your bird to eat.

Please read some of the health articles on our Parrot Training page for more information on healthy foods and toxic ingredients that some foods have in them.

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