Difference between male and female cockatiel?

by dylan wood
(barrow in furness,cumbria,england,uk)

how can u tell the difference between a male and female cockatiel?

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Jan 26, 2010
Difference between male and female cockatiel?
by: Linda

If they are very young, it is almost impossible without a DNA test done by an Avian Vet and a laboratory.

If birds are older, there are differences in coloration. The cheek patch of males will be a vivid, brighter orange than the females will be. The male will also do a lot of singing. The female makes noise too, and are usually a little quieter and not really like singing.

So, if you're talking young birds, unless the breeder already knows the sex, you will have to have the DNA test done or wait until your bird is a year or so old to really tell.

Either sex make wonderful pets, so you won't go wrong whichever one you choose. Also, find a breeder in your area, set up an appointment for a visit so you can see their birds and how their birds live. I'm talking about how clean flights and cages are and how healthy all the birds look. Try NOT to buy from most pet stores as a lot of these birds in the US are already sick from not being taken care of by breeders and the pet stores. They spread infection to every other bird in an enclosure and some are so sick when sold they sicken and die quickly. Be very, very careful about where you get your bird. Maybe the UK has better bird breeders and pet store owners than we do.

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