Difference between Rare and regular parakeet?

by Haley

I have had a regular female parakeet for about 4 years, but unfortunatly she died a few months ago. I am hoping to buy a new parakeet after I clean the cage out.

I have seen a PetSmart that there are Rare parakeets and regular parakeets. Is there a difference between the types, because from the outside they look the same?

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Jan 03, 2016
Rare bird color
by: Anonymous

I think the pet stores now call them fancies, at least I saw one that way..often piece which may gave different patterns of color.

Nov 20, 2015
Color is what makes a parakeet Rare
by: Anonymous

What makes a parakeet rare is its color. Standard parakeets are usually blue or green. Then you have the rare parakeet that come in a rainbow of color and patterns. This is what makes them rare...unlike the common blue or green. When I say common that does not mean that they aren't beautiful. I have rare and common parakeets and the most beautiful of all is a common blue.So in closing they are all beautiful. It just depends what color or pattern you like. Rare is really a bad description if you think about it. They are not rare...they just have different color and patterns.

Mar 22, 2013
about petsmart birds
by: Anonymous

i purchased two parakeets from petsmsrt one is all white and one is blue/black, i have no problem with them, yes i would purchased another one from them

Jun 25, 2012
Rare parakeets
by: Anonymous

I am glad I found this site. I was beginning to think that I didn't know much about birds and I am a breeder. A lady called and asked me if I raised rare parakeets? I had honestly never heard of them since I didn't raise parakeets. I am glad to find out that the coloring of the birds is the only real difference.Now, maybe at least I can tell them what I know about them.
You are so right about the pet stores selling sick birds and trying to buy them cheap to make a big profit. Ihave sold some birds to pet stores but I quit after bringing home a sick cockatiel that cost me about sixty other cockatiels. I work very hard to keep my flock well and I feed the very best of foods to them. I don't make much profit but at least I know when someone buys a bird from me, it will be healthy and happy.

Oct 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have two "rare" parakeets, and as we look at them compaired to regular ones, they are thinner and sleeker with longer tail feathers. They look much different.

Sep 06, 2011
rare parakeets
by: Anonymous

the reason they are called rare is due to their coloring.they are called pied parakeets. It the uniqueness of the color that makes them stand out..they have 2 to four different colors on their chest. so hence the rare parakeet description!

Aug 04, 2011
Rare versus regular parakeets
by: Laura

In the defense of PetSmart, they sell the "rare" parakeets for exactly the same price as their other parakeets. We recently purchased one of each for our daughter, but I was curious as to why one was classified as "rare" when the other wasn't. "Sky" as she named her blue parakeet (the "rare" one) does have unusual coloring, which may be why he was classified as a rare parakeet. "Shrek" (the green "regular" parakeet) looks like pretty much any other parakeet. I suspect it's just the unusual variation in color that leads to the "rare" classification. Again, PetSmart is not using the "rare" parakeet classification to make extra money. We once had a solid white "rare" parakeet that we bought from PetSmart. I don't think they get any rarer than that. As I recall, we paid a whopping $18.00 for her. Unfortunately, she died trying to pass her first egg, which devastated our daughter. That said, we opted for males this go-around.

Editor's note: If you feed Harrison's or Roudybush pellets for 80% of the diet your bird will NOT have egg binding.

Apr 11, 2011
by: Chloe Bugbee

All parakeets are diffrent colors. Parakeets are all the same I hope this helps! :D

Apr 10, 2011
Difference between Rare and regular parakeet?
by: Linda

Well, I'm not an expert of Budgie breeding, but I used to work for a man who was selling so called "rare" budgies for 4 times what they were worth only to find out later that they were just regular blue parakeets(budgies). How we found out about this was when several customers who bought the "rare" budgies came in ranting about being lied to. Needless to say, this person did not stay in business for very long...

I would be very wary of buying any bird in a pet store because sometimes they will do almost anything to make a sale and a lot of extra money as well. Unless you have talked with Budgie breeders, you will be in the dark. I suggest you go online and do a search for Budgie breeders and ask this same question of them. I also suggest you do not buy a bird from PetSmart or any other pet store as they sometimes buy from Bird Mill breeders because they sell them cheap. A Bird Mill breeder is like a puppy mill breeder. They feed low quality food and never take birda to an Avian Vet because taking care of their stock would cut into profit margin, and, of course, they just could not have that. Breeders who take good care of their birds do not make much money because high quality food and regular Avian Vet services do cost. The object for you is to get a healthy bird. I'd pay more for a healthy bird coming from a safe breeder than one of the ones in most pet stores. See if you can find a reputable breeder in your driving area. A search on the internet would be the way to start.

Until pet stores start buying quality stock for their stores, it is up to the public to NOT buy live animals from them. Birds, dogs and cats should not be bought or sold in pet stores because once they bring all these animals from different areas together, infection and disease can run rampant meaning all animals and birds are sick from the beginning. The fact that pet stores want animals and birds cheap, also means they will buy from less than reputable breeders to get them. The only way to stop puppy, kitten and bird mills permanently is to stop buying their pitiful sickly animals and birds.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 10, 2011
all the same
by: Anonymous

Selling a 'rare' parakeet is something shops do to make sales.

A rare budgie (parakeet) is not different to any other budgie in size & appearance other than their colour. Their colour (mutation) is what will give them the name 'rare' parakeet, so if the colour is an unusual one & hard to get it will be classed as a rare parakeet. But beware there are many pet stores that sell normal budgies as rare budgies. to make some extra money.

There are only 2 types of budgies, the ordinary American Parakeet (is actually an Australian budgie) or the english budgie which is slightly larger & bred by the English as a show budgie.

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