Different Species, sizes in a free flight aviary

by Linda
(Southern California)

Can green cheeked yellow sided conures & rock pebblers be allowed to have free flight in an aviary with other birds such as valley quail, coturnix quail, parakeets, red rumps, doves, rosy bourkes and cockatiels?

I have an aviary (sized approximately 35' by 10' with an additional 8' by 15' alcove) in which all the species mentioned above EXCEPT the conures and the rockpebbler are currently living peacefully together.

About two months ago at a bird show, I fell in love with a pair of G.C.Y.S. conures and the rockpebbler. The vendor assured me that all three of them could be let loose in my aviary with no negative repercussions. However after I'd made my purchase and we were putting the birds in transportation cages, the vendor suggested not putting the young rockpebbler in with the conures as the conures might gang up on the rockpebbler.

By the time I got home, I was afraid to let them loose in the aviary (I also found out that the rockpebbler's wings had been clipped) so now I have three large cages together in my home office where before there had been only one which housed my Salvin's Amazon male. I feel trapped as I know it's healthier for birds to be able to exercise with free flight but I don't want to release any of the three into the aviary and have anyone else picked to death. Does anyone have any ideas or insight into this situation? I'd really appreciate your help.

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Aug 05, 2011
Different Species, sizes in a free flight aviary
by: Linda

If you're going to breed, you HAVE to separate according to country of origin because birds from different regions will not get along during breeding. This means those originally from Australia and the Phillipines will not get along with Central and South American birds. If you're not going to breed, the risks are less but still there.

If you can, build another aviary maybe smaller if you're putting fewer birds in and put like with like or country with country. Also make sure everyone has their own feeding dishes because food causes lots of problems with even birds from same countries.

All Amazons or other larger birds have to be housed in their own flight because mixing them up is asking for many problems. This means one pair in each flight or aviary.

I hope this helps some and keep an eye out for missing feathers in top of heads, back of necks and backs because this usually means someone is picking on someone else and will escalate into killing and maiming. You're dealing with wild animals, not domesticated, never will be domesticated, so keep that in mind.


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