Discolored feathers?

I recently adopted an approximately 15 year old green-cheeked amazon parrot. I am "his" fourth (and permanent) home. I have only had him two weeks. I have noticed that his lower chest feathers are brown at the tips and his leg feathers are a bit scruffy.

What should I do? I feed him Harrison's with sunshine factor and he gets daily Avian Rain baths. He did receive a lot of nuts/pasta/etc to build trust and work on some initial training issues. Could that be the problem? I just don't want him to be unhealthy or become a feather picker. Or, is the brown tipping to his lower chest feathers normal for this type of parrot?


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Feb 10, 2009
Green Cheek Amazon feathers
by: The Vet

This is definitely not normal. The most likely causes are nutritional, disease, and needing a bath.

Harrison's is the best you can feed. If this is caused by a nutritional problem, it will be corrected on Harrison?s in 6-9 months (or after he molts).

In case this is disease such as fatty liver or something else, you should have a complete work up done by an avian specialist. You should do blood work, exam, x-rays, and cultures or Gram?s stains.

Bathing will help if the feathers are dirty, but simply spraying will not do it. He may need to be shampooed, too. I don?t know for sure because I cannot tell from just a picture if he is dirty of if this is something else. I do not think it is from simply being dirty, but it could be a contributing factor.

Dr. B

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