Discount Parrot Bird Cages

These cages are not only nice looking, they’re durable and easy to clean. All of our cages are High Quality Powder Coated Cages.

These cages have the shipping included when shipping in the contiguous US.

** Please read our UPS statement at the end of this page if you order a large cage. **

Hexagon Bird Cage 18x18 Play Top Parrot Bird Cage 24x22 Play Top Parrot Bird Cage 32x23 Play Top Parrot Bird Cage
Hexagon 27x27
bird cage
18x18 Play Top
bird cage
24x22 Play Top
bird cage
32x23 Play Top
bird cage

40x30 Play Top Parrot Bird Cage Corner Play Top Parrot Bird Cage Large Corner Play Top Bird Cage Large Parrot Bird Cage With Cabinet Base
40x30 Play Top
bird cage
Corner Play Top
bird cage
Lg Corner Play
bird cage
Lg Cage w/ base
bird cage

36x28 Play Top Parrot Bird Cage Split Level Parrot Bird Cage With Divider 24x22 Double Stack Bird Cage Large Corner Parrot Bird Cage
36x28 Play Top
bird cage
Split Level
bird cage
Removable Divider
24x22 Dbl Stack
Play Top
bird cage
Large Corner
bird cage

Large Double Macaw Cage With Removable Divider Extra Large Macaw Cage 24 x 22 Dome Top Bird Cage
Lg Dbl Macaw
bird cage
Removable Divider
Ex Lg Macaw
bird cage
Removable Divider
24 x 22 Dome Top
bird cage

32 x 23 Dome Top Bird Cage 40 x 32 Dome Top Bird Cage quality-discount-flight-breeder-bird-cages quality-discount-flight-breeder-bird-cages
32 x 23 Dome Top
bird cage
40 x 32 Dome Top
bird cage
Lots of Breeder Cages Quad Breeder
bird cage

32 x 32 Octagon Bird Cage 36 x 36 Octagon Bird Cage 52 x 52 Octagon Bird Cage
32 x 32 Octagon
bird cage
36 x 36 Octagon
bird cage
52 x 52 Octagon
bird cage

Large Flight Aviary Bird Cage hexagon flight aviary cage discount travel bird carriers
Lg Aviary Cages Hexagon Aviary
Green/w White Roof
Low Shipping
$37.95 - $101.00
Various Carriers

Ordering Instructions our Discount Parrot Bird Cages

Please have your credit card billing address and the CVC code on the back of the card. This will ensure a smooth transaction and prevent your order from being declined.

Choosing your discount parrot bird cage

What size bird cage?

First of all, make sure that you choose a bird cage with bar spacing that is safe for your bird. It is great to get a large cage for a small bird to give them more room to fly and climb, but remember that Budgies and small Conures need 1/2" to 5/8" bar spacing.

Some birds may not be so big, but they are very active. Caiques, for instance, need a bird cage with lots of room for toys and exercise.

Cleaning a powder coated bird cage

Many of our discount parrot bird cages have powder coating over wrought iron. This is very nice when it comes to cleaning time! If you do not clean your cage every day, you will still have a little work at cleaning, but not much more.

To get off the debris that is stuck, just spray and let it soak before cleaning with a paper towel or a sponge. Do NOT use a scratchy sponge or brush if you want the powder coating on the bird cage to last.

We use Pet Focus for all of our bird cage cleaning and even our household cleaning. It is non-toxic and doesn't even have to be rinsed. It does a great job getting stuck debris off the bird cages and walls. (Messy birds!)

Stainless steel bird cage option

You might want to consider purchasing one of our discount stainless steel bird cages. If you have a bird with a big beak or that likes to chew on the bars, you really would do better getting a stainless steel bird cage.

Powder coated bird cages are not built to last forever. Some will last for 10 or more years if cared for properly and if the bird(s) don't chew on the bars. But a stainless steel bird cage will not wear out.

Most powder coated cages only last about 3 - 4 years, because birds chew on them, people scrub them with abrasives, things fall or run into them and chip the coating and many other reasons.

If you think about how much you will spend not only now, but with price increases in the future, you will see what a value there is in purchasing one of our discount stainless steel bird cages.

Most cages come in stainless steel too if you are interested

Information about UPS Freight

The things mentioned below apply no matter who you order a large cage from. Other companies just don't tell you about it.

* Any cage bigger than the 32 x 23 will come UPS Freight or via another freight company. Below are the things you need to know.

* I will send you a UPS Pro number to track your cage. I also tell give you the web address where you can track it.

* UPS will call you to set up a delivery time either the day of, or the day before delivery. If you are not there at the time you agreed to, they will charge you a hefty re-delivery fee.

* The driver is not allowed to lift more than 150 lbs and will need help getting the cage off the truck, so you will need to either help the driver or have someone there that can. (The cage comes in more than one box and can be removed one box at a time. You don't have to unload the whole pallet at one time.) More often than not, the driver does it all himself.

* If you request a lift when they call to set up an appointment, they will charge you $125. (They are supposed to tell you this.)

* You may call 800-443-6379 to talk to UPS about your shipment if you would like.

* You need to make sure to check the shipment before the delivery person leaves. If there is any sign of damage, then you need to get the driver to note on the bill that the shipment is damaged.

If the damage is only slight, then the cage company will send out a replacement part if you have UPS note the damage before they leave. (You don't have to know what is damaged, just note that the box is damaged before the driver leaves.)

All delivery services have damaged shipments and I just want you to be prepared in case it happens to you.

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