Disinfecting polyoma

by Rachel

Back in feb i got a newly weened black cap conure from a breeder. approx a month later he got sick and I got to the vet with not enough time :'( He was such a sweet little baby.

The vet said probably parrot fever. I researched a bit and my guess was either polyoma or PDD, not parrot fever. He did not have any eye problems, and i didn't notice any problems with him breathing. He had lethargy, weight loss, diarrhea, typical SBS(sick bird syndrome). So really, no one knows and will never know. Im kicking myself for not "maning up" at the time and getting a necropsy.

So my question to you, is how do you disinfect your house from polyoma (assuming the worst, again, kicking myself for not getting a necropsy). Obviously bleach everything that can be bleached, but what about the carpets!, the couch, tv, books, etc. oxy fresh and dent-a-gene? does pet focus actually work? (seems to good to be true). does gse kill the virus? or the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide combo? apv vaccine?? Any info would be appreciated. Ive researched everywhere online. And should i dispose of the cage? :/ ive heard different opinions. I just want to disinfect my house so it is safe to get another bird sometime in the future.

side-note: i do/did not currently have any other birds or animals.

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Apr 22, 2011
by: Rachel

Thank you both for taking the time to help me out :)

Jani- I actually found a store in the US that carries it. I think they might be the only ones at this time to.

Kathie has been very friendly and has been helping me beyond just customer service

Again thank you to you both :)

Apr 22, 2011
F10 - looks good
by: Jani

I've found this vet grade disinfectant, which also comes as a spray and aerosol - it's called F10 and you can order it online.

I'm in the UK so this is the site for here, but it's made in South Africa so possibly available elsewhere.


Apr 22, 2011
Disinfecting for Polyoma
by: The Avian Vet

The best protection you can give a bird from polyoma is to have him vaccinated.

You can clean the environment with bleach.. Things that can?t can be vacuumed. You will not completely eliminate polyomavirus from the environment. Even if you did, you would bring it in from outside and other sources on your clothes shoes, hair etc. Vaccinate you birds! They do not need contact with other birds for transmission.

Pet Focus Spray does work and you can spray that on most anything. But it will need to be rinsed. GSE does not kill polyoma, or any other avian pathogen, neither does vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Oxyfresh is the best and safest disinfectant. Dent-a-gene is the same disinfectant, just different formulation. There is no need to dispose of the cage. Break it down and clean it.

Dr B

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