Disoriented parakeet

by Pat B
(Clarkston, MI)

The last three times I have offered a bath to my two parakeets (both males)the aqua one (Chico) became disoriented, flying erratically and even bumped into the ceiling today. Last time he skimmed a wall and landed on the floor sitting there for a few minutes before flying back to his cage but I really didn't associate it with the bath. I just thought something had starled him.

Even his vocalizations are different during this time period. After 5 or 10 minutes he is fine. He usually just dips his beak and upper chest into the water which is in a shallow bath that I attach to the outside of the cage.
Do you have any idea what might cause this behavior? Thank you for your help.

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Jan 13, 2010
Startled parakeet
by: The Avian Vet

It sounds like something startled him to me too. I don't have any other suggestions.

Dr B

Jan 12, 2010
Parakeet disoriented after bath
by: Tracie

First of all, I would clip the wings of your birds so that they can't hurt themselves by flying into things unless they are in a bird room that doesn't have door knobs, windows, ceiling fans, pictures hanging on the walls etc.

I have no clue as to why your bird is suddenly doing this at bath time. I have asked Dr B, in case he knows. He should answer in a few days.

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