distess and regugiatation after having nails cut and beak trimmed

by janice costello
(Quincy, illinois)

Took my yellow nape to same vet for a nail trim and beak trim, and this time, she cme back in the room and her feathers were kind of wet from sweat and the attendant had a heavy towel she had held her in. We took her home and she got up on a perch and kind of acted distressed and like she was ill. Than she regugitated like a slimy deposit of maybe part food or something out and than she seemed ok, but, this had to be from over handling her or holding her too tightly.

I do not know how to handle this next time, should I request holding her while this work is done? worried about my parrot, I have had her over 30 years and she is very important to us. what can I do about his issue. thanks so much

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Nov 29, 2013
distress after grooming
by: Don Houston Texas

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER LEAVE YOUR BIRD ALONE IN A STRANGE PLACE WITH STRANGE PEOPLE WHILE THE BIRD IS BEING RESTRICTED, FRIGHTENED, AND MORE THAN LIKELY HURT! NEVER!! YOU GO WITH YOUR BIRD, YOU HANDLE YOUR BIRD, YOU CONTROL YOUR BIRD, YOU TALK TO YOUR BIRD! Have someone teach you how to do the grooming. Your bird will not only have it done with care, but will not be harmed by those who don't care. The beak and nails are EXTREMELY sensitive where the blood vein is. The closer you trim to the vein, the more the pain. AND THIS PAIN IS HORRIFIC FOR ALL BIRDS, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS YOUR BIRD! I have to apologize, but I am so to the point about hurt and pain and who cares that come from vets and the helpers. BLEEDING ALSO, sometimes that can't be helped if you trim a little close to the vein. USE A SEPTIC POWDER TO STOP THE BLEEDING. Then the next day, use an emry board to clean up and smooth out the beak and nails from sharp edges. NOW, I used to use clippers. Then one day I got out my Dremmel, put a fine cutting wheel on it, and cut the beaks and nails of my birds. NONE OF THEM WERE AFRAID OF THE NOISE NOR THE CUTTING!! Then I used a small fine sanding drum to finish the job! Anyway that you might do it, remember that this is something new, new things in your hand, and your bird has to get used to it. Let your bird know that it is all "ok." They love you and trust you, please do not hurt them. Learn to do this manicuring at home, protect your bird from the hurt, pain, fright, stress, and retention that is received thru this process at the vet or pet shop. Oh, give treats after you do this, positive reinforcement is a plus! Dry kisses and praise, your bird senses this by your voice and facial expressions, they really do!

Mar 01, 2013
answer to my bird lovers remarks.
by: Anonymous

I take her to this vet because she usually comes back quiet and not stressed. but, a new young girl held her and next time only my roommate or myself willhold her. she is so sweet and32 years with her makes her my baby. the only other avian vet here is a man and he hurt her leg when she went for a trim a long time ago, so I switched to this lady that does some birds, but, mostly dogs and cats. I am moving to calif. eventually and there is not a bird vet there, and it is about an hour or more to the closest one. I was going to do her nails now and than, as I have, but, I am afraid of the beak trim and hers grows out more because she ripped it on her cage when she was really young and it has grown to long eversince. my bird is loved , fed pellets and only the right foods, veges, fruit, etc. and she loves lobster. haha what will I do when I am so far from a vet for her beak will it hurt her being longer, can I give her wood and maybe she would chew it and make it shorter? what would she do in the wild? Not so well, I am afraid. thanks so much, janice and donna

Feb 08, 2013
distess and regugiatation after having nails cut and beak trimmed
by: Sandra

Hi Janice, I'm very sorry for whatever happened to your bird. Something definitely happened for him to come back to you WET. He also looked stressed and vomitted. WHY was he wet? Of course you didn't take him there for a shower!

If that was my bird I wasn't taking him home in that condition without first calling the cops to investigate or Animal Services. That's cruelty to an animal! They would've had to explained why was my bird wet in the first place. I do hope that your bird gets better soon and that you'll feel better too.
I've an Orange-Winged Amazon and when I do have those procedures done for him I DON'T leave his side "under ANY circustances". I've heard a few people said that some vets handle their pets very roughly; I wouldn't doubt it for a minute. I DO NOT trust ANY vet being alone in a room with my bird ESPECIALLY when trimming his nails and beak.
I do know of some people that have jobs they don't even like and d o it only for the money. That's one reason I'll NEVER trust ANY vet to be alone with my precious baby. PLEASE Janice,find another vet and DO NOT EVER go back there again. When you get another vet ask alot of questions about how they go about things so that you'll know upfront what to expect. Make sure that you ask them if you'll be allowed IN THE ROOM WITH YOUR BIRD, AT ALL TIMES.
My heart goes out to your bird and you and NO words can really explain how very sad and hurt I AM for you both. Take care and God bless.

Feb 07, 2013
distess and regugiatation after having nails cut and beak trimmed
by: Linda

Well, my opinion about this is to find another Avian Vet in your area. The reason for this is birds do not sweat, so if she was wet, then they wet her down which is totally unneccessary if the nail and beak trimming is done correctly.

To be sure, both nail and beak trims are not birds' favorite things to do, and they use the towel to keep from being bit, so the towel is not the problem. The problem is they are possibly not as adept at this service as they should be. The only reason I can see for wetting bird down was they took too long to get the job done, and she was so stressed out they worried she'd have a heart attack.

I also take my Amazons in for regular nail and beak trims, and though they are stressed by it, they recover quickly once they are home and have never vomited. Find a new Avian Vet in your area or ask these people why she was wet? Since birds don't sweat, there is no other explanation than that they wet her down. When we take our birds in, we stay in the room with them while the trims are being done and this is how it should be. The next time you take her to this avian vet if you can't find another one, request that you be allowed to stay with your bird. Sometimes when they take them away for this or that, they just don't want you to see how they are trating your bird. In some cases, like xrays, bird has to be taken where the equipment is. In the case of nail and beak trims, they do not have to be taken out of the exam room.

I'm so sorry your little friend had so much stress from something so simple as this, and do not allow them to take her away again because you need to be there with her which may help calm her down. Yes, you can also ask if you can hold her, and the towel is necessary to keep her still while doing the trimming. Her head should never be completely covered though, and she can be firmly held behind her head at the level of jaws to keep her from biting. If you're not experienced with holding a bird who is fighting a procedure, just have them do it and allow you to be present. I'd find another avian vet if possible or get these people to work with you if not.

Hopefully, you did take her to an avian vet because dog and cat vets do not know how to handle, examine, diagnose or treat birds because they've not put in the extra time learning how. Also never take her to a pet store who does grooming either because those people know even less about birds than dog and cat vets. Don't allow any pet shop employees to do any trimming because most of them are not trained properly so as to not hurt your bird during the trimming. When I had my bird store many years' ago, we did our own wing and nail trims because we had put in the time learning how to do it right. We never trimmed any beaks though because birds can bleed out from cutting a beak too close, so for anyone reading this, never, ever try and trim a bird's beak yourself because the outcome can be deadly.


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