dizzy off balance conure

My Green Cheeked Conure was flying around the house and when he finally stopped we set him on the side of a bowl to have a bath. He seemed very off balance and was wobbling. when we put him on our shoulder he almost fell off.

Im not sure if he may have hit something while he was flying. It lasted approximately 2-3 minutes. He seems fine now. What should I do to make sure he is ok? are there any other signs I can look for? Should I wake him up every so often like a person in case he did hit his head? Any advice would be very helpful thanx.

Also everyone in the house has been sick with a cold the last few days. Can my conure catch a human illness?

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Nov 24, 2017
Dzzy and off balance
by: Anonymous

My african grey is completely off balance he even falls around in his cage also

Mar 21, 2011
Sick Conure (Dizziness)
by: C. Akgun

Most probably the dizziness is the sign of Bacterial infection. It is very expensive to go through the screening process. I had a similar problem with my Sun Conure, Sunny. I spend almost $1000. And still he is fighting with two bacteria. Klebsiella and Entrobacte.

The problem is that Sunny was not getting enough vitamins to boost his immune system in my opinion. She was sprinkling his water with powder vitamin. These things are never a good substitute for a real and natural veggie and fruit. Both Smokey and Sunny never used to eat these wholesome goodies. After age 5, Sunny will not touch apple, banana, orange, celery, carrot for sure. Now, after spending such money, Sunny is getting apple-cider, natural 100% berry juice, orange-mango juice mix, and fruit flavored yogurt. Yogurt would cultivate good bacteria that he is losing to antibiotics. I mix vinegar to his apple-cider. I think he is back to recovery, He doesn?t like to force feeding of the fruit juices and the yogurt but he already seen the light. Now, he doesn?t fight back to drink the juices. The yogurt is a different matter but I really think he would get used to that too.

Oct 24, 2009
dizzy off balance
by: Linda

As Tracie said, you need to take your bird into an Avian vet in your area for a checkup. And YES, birds can catch bacterial and viral infections from humans. You do need to wash your hands everytime before handling bird, and when feeding and watering and cleaning, wear a disposable mask to keep germs off dishes and out of food and water. You can buy the disposable masks cheap just about anywhere, and they will help in retarding the spread of germs while working around your bird's food, water and such.

The other thing you need to consider is having vet clip your bird's primary flight feathers. They are the longer ones on bottom edge of wings. This will allow bird to glide down instead of dropping like a rock, and will inhibit him from getting any lift and flying all over the house. Houses are dangerous for birds, and flighted ones will hurt themselves sometimes badly flying into mirrors, walls or other surfaces. Just have the Primary Flight Feathers clipped and do not have them clipped any higher as this hurts birds plus they drop very hard when they go down. You want him to be able to gently glide down so as to not hurt himself. Clipping too many feathers off the wings can and does cripple birds plus it causes them a lot of pain, so PLEASE REMEMBER PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS ONLY.

Your bird may already have a bacterial infection, so go ahead and take him to vet to make sure he is alright in all respects.


Oct 24, 2009
Bird off balance and catching our colds
by: Tracie

First, Dr B can not determine what may be wrong and will not attempt to do so over the Internet. He suggests that you take your bird to see an avian vet to determine if there is a problem.

Dr B told another person that asked if our birds can catch human colds, "Birds can catch bacterial infections from us. Whenever a family member has cold they should wash their hands before handling their bird. They should also avoid having the bird near their face to reduce the chance of spreading the bacteria to their bird."

If your bird has balance problems again, you will need to make a vet appointment to find out what is causing this to happen.

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