Do all parrots need other birds for companion?

by Rebecca

I am looking into purchasing a conure or a Quaker parrot as a companion. Somebody is home most of the time but the store strongly suggests these parrots are kept in pairs. Are there any parrots that I could have with solely human companionship?

Thank you

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May 13, 2013
not nessary
by: lara

not all birds need someone else but if you bought a bird like any type of parrot or bird they like when you play with then and hang little toys in their cage so they wont feel loney also when you play with temy a-lot they seem to get very tame

Feb 22, 2012
Birds, the best friend.
by: John Fahlsing

All birds need companionship, in the stores the group together and form temporary bonds. In the wild it's mates. But when you purchase a bird, Quaker or example, it's you and him/her. It takes time for the trust to build, then he/she will recognize you as the friend, and they will respond to you always. I've learned that my quaker, 4 years old now, growls at everyone else who comes near me. I guess what i'm saying is you and your bird will be best of friends, I wouldn't let too many people interact with him/her right off, you be the one to introduce friends and family to the bird, with you there always, its a trust thing. And never forget, this little friend is FOR LIFE!

Feb 22, 2012
Parrots needing companions
by: Angela

Conures and Quakers do not need another bird for a companion. While they are social birds, they interact with humans very well. Sounds like the store just wants to sell you two birds. My local pet store had two sun conures in the same cage and one was completely plucked by the other. I have a quaker and he is such a part of the family I think if he was given another bird he would be very upset. As long as someone is home to train and talk to the bird, you will be surprised at how quickly they become a loving part of the human family.

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