Do B & G's sleep on a perch or in a tent?

by Kim
(Wood-Ridge NJ)

How do B & G parrots sleep? Should I invest in an xxl tent for sleeping?

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Feb 11, 2012
Do B & G's sleep on a perch or in a tent?
by: Linda

They sleep on safe natural wood branch perches only. If you still have the dowels that came with cage, get rid of them and get some natural branch perches as these are better for feet and legs. The dowels will eventually cause early onset arthritis. You can find these at many online pet shops who carry bird supplies. You can also find them in regular pet shops. They come with hardware already on them ready to install. Measurements are of the inside dimensions of cage not the outside. They come with an inside and outside washer to keep perches from rolling, and this is why inside measurements have to be taken. Manzanita is a good wood for the Macaws. Sometimes Manzanita has sharp places on the branches, so cut and sand these off before installing as they cut bird's feet very badly.

As for tents, don't even think of it because your bird will tear it up, and if it eats any of the material could die from an intestinal blockage.

Big birds need big toys and perches. They do not need any small chains or small toy pieces as these will cause injury and if eaten possible death. Chains have to be large enough so bird can get a toe in and out of link easily and not so large that head can become caught. All parrots like wooden toy pieces to chew on as this keeps them busy, occupied and also helps keep the beak honed down so there is no point on it.


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