Do conure parrots get along with budgies,canaries,finches,cocketiels?

by Ellie

I have a friend who has a conure parrot for sale my dad is interested but we need to know first if it can get alond with budgies,canaries,finces and cocketiels with out killing any of the birds in our aviary please let me know asap.

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Nov 04, 2017
You'll be the best judge of that.
by: Anonymous

It kills me how it's totally dependent on the personality of the bird(s) but you've got people that think they know it all and feed you the same regergetated Bs. If you have an aviary that's working out I wouldn't change a thing as for the conure. You will know Within a few minutes if there's a chance it will work. If it doesn't well then... but if it does work out keep a watchful eye.

I have a bonded pair of sun conures in a 8x12 free flight room with about finches and canaries of mixed species and a pair of button quail. The conures spent 3 months in a cage in that room until everyone got used to each other. That was 4 1/2 years ago. I've NEVER had an issue or seen my conures be AGRESSIVE towards the other birds.

So yea it can work but it's case by case. Don't let anyone tell you you can't or shouldn't.

May 13, 2015
Conure and Budgie
by: Vivian

I have a green cheek and a male budgie caged together and have been for 6 years but the budgie is a tease and Kiki, my conure , a male also, puts the run on the budgie when when the conure is eating walnuts and holding one in his claw...the budgie tries to steal it. No big deal. The conure will never hurt the budgie, although they are under my attention at all times when the conure gets a walnut.He is fully trained for a lot of things and rolls over like a dog. They are only loose from cage under my supervision.When I tell the conure to go home. he flies straight to the cage. The budgie prefers to stay in.

Apr 08, 2012
Budgies are nasty
by: Big Uli

I'm a breeder of budgerigars and they are amongst the nastiest birds you can get.
For that reason we breed them in pairs.
I had budgies kill zebra finches and Chinese painted quails.
A friend had cockatiels and budgies in an aviary and the budgies actually bullied the tiels out of their nestboxes and killed the tiel chicks.
A conure being larger than the budgie will probably harm it.
Budgies are best kept alone unless you only have a few smaller pet bird type in a well established aviary and then i would worry about any newcomer into the setup

May 13, 2011
budgies and finches
by: Pancho's mom

It might depend on the type of conure. We have 2 green cheeks. the female I would trust enough to introduce to the cockatiels with us present, she is a more timid bird. The males are very 'size challenged'. They have absolutely no idea how small they are. They will take on a much bigger bird just because the cheekie is so sure he is bigger and tougher. They will also take on a dog if they so desire. That said, they are very nice pets and very snuggly and affectionate to their people. Males can be a little protective of female people, too, as a male person might be seen as a challenge for the affections of a female person. In your shoes, I would keep the bird in a separate cage, but near the other birds so they can enjoy each others company.

May 02, 2011
Conure and Budgie get along
by: Anonymous

I have a sun conure and a budgie in the same cage, and they get along just fine. The person I got my sun conure from told me that she has kept her conures and budgies in the same cage for many years, and has never had a problem.

They play with each other, talk to each other, and call to each other if one is out of the cage and the other is not.

I've had a good experience with them being in a cage together.

Apr 29, 2011
Do conure parrots get along with budgies,canaries,finches,cocketiels?
by: Linda

No, it will NOT get along with your other birds because the Conures are aggressive like the Budgies. In fact, you need to pull out the Budgies and put them in another aviary or cage because they will hurt the canaries and finches if not now, then in the future.

If the Conure is to be brought into the home, it will need a separate cage of its own because it will not play nice with smaller birds. The usual way to stock an aviary is same size and type of birds with same. In other words, canaries and the larger finches will work good. The Cockatiel may be working with the small birds, but the Budgies are also aggressive and will even attempt to boss around and hurt a Cockie. When you move up into the larger species like Conures you will need to have a much larger aviary so they can get plenty of exercise flying from side to side. Birds do not normally fly up in captivity, so aviary needs to be wider than high.


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