Do Lorikeets need lots of toys!!!

by Connor

I have 5 Lorikeets (a Rainbow, a Red collared, 2 musk & 2 scalys)
I have some toys in there but i have heard that they need lots. Is this true?

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Feb 23, 2012
It is that big
by: Connor

the cage would have to be at least 6 feet.
They are all hand raised and i do take them out.
I let them jump around the house.

Feb 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Give them as many as they will accept. They are extremely busy, hypo birds you have there, you need to keep them busy & happy.

Feb 15, 2012
Do Lorikeets need lots of toys!!!
by: Linda

Unless you have a very large cage, you have too many birds in one cage. A cage with this many birds needs to be in the area of 5 to 8 foot by the same square so they have room to fly and get exercise. You need at least one set of feeding and watering cups per every two birds so they don't fight over food and water. Birds who do not get exercise will become sick. So, if your cage is too small, do not further crowd it with toys. I suggest you get cages so the birds can be separated two to a cage unless your cage is large as I mentioned above. Basically what you need with this many birds is called a flight cage which is very large and will take up most of a bedroom.

Limit toys to no more than two per cage because you need to give your birds room to either fly or to spread their wings out fully so they can flap which lots of birds love to do, and it provides them with some exercise.


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