do lovebirds (peachfaced) have closed rings?

by nicky
(dubai uae)

hi, im looking to buy a lovebird since i am a bird person , under one condition, i have to have a closed ring on the bird, i went to the pet shops and they said they do have one but i have to get one for it. and some sites say yes and some say no, and i would like to ask u, do they? and thanyou for reading this.

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Aug 23, 2011
do lovebirds (peachfaced) have closed rings?
by: Linda

Unless you live in a country or city or town that confiscates birds without bands as being illegal, you do not need bands on the birds. Here in the States, the state of New York at least used to require birds be banded or they would be confiscated. Not sure if they still do that, but we do have a problem here with illegal birds and animals being brought in to sell to collectors and other insane people to eat or use their organs, so some states with Ports of Call have instigated the banded bird law.

You will need to contact breeders in your area because pet stores usually sell sick birds for the most part. Your new bird, regardless of where it comes from, will need to be examined during the first few days by an Avian Vet in your area because the stress of moving causes their immune systems to be lowered leaving them open for infections.

Hope this helps,

Aug 22, 2011
ring on lovebird
by: Tracie

Birds do not need to have a ring, especially if you are having to purchase it and put it on. They are put on when they are babies for identification purposes. They usually are registered and you can find out the breeder and hatch date so that you don't breed the bird with a brother or sister.

I am not a breeder, so Linda might have more information. This isn't a health question, so I did not pass this on to Dr. B.

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