do macaws need vaccinations

by Jordan
(Puerto Rico)

I'm going to buy a blue and gold and a scarlet macaw in a few weeks, when they are ready to hand feed.
What type of vaccinations should they get or do they need them?

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Jul 27, 2011
Bird vaccination and hand feeding birds is not a good idea
by: The Avian Vet

Are you going to finish the hand feeding yourself? I hope not. You should buy them weaned, and go visit them while they are being fed. I have attached my To Wean or Not To Wean article that explains why.

Your birds need to be vaccinated for polyomavirus. This is the only routine vaccine that is recommended.

Dr B

Jul 26, 2011
do macaws need vaccinations
by: Linda

Well, I hope you know how to handfeed baby Macaws because it is a challenge to get more in them than on them! They also need to be fed longer as their wild Mothers feed them 9-12 months while also teaching them how to hunt for food. The largr birds need to be handfed longer because their emotional/physical development takes longer. Baby Macaws and Cockatoos weaned too quickly can have numerous physical and emotional issues, so keep feeding them. You can also start introducing weaning foods around the age of 7-8 months while still giving them a syringe or two a day(120cc's per meal). By the time they are around 9-10 months, they should be either completely weaned or down to one handfeeding a day.

As for vaccinations, make your first trip be to an Avian Vet in your driving area. Baby birds are susceptible to many types of infection, and their immune systems are not strong enough to be able to not get the infections. These are usually of the bacterial variety which Avian Vet will give you meds for. Talk to them then about vaccinations to see if there are any dangerous viral infections in your area. Otherwise, they do better without vaccinations as vaccinations have been proven to sometimes be the cause of long term illnesses later in life with animals and humans. Your Avian Vet can better advise about what is in your area. If you are going to keep your birds at home away from other birds, and I highly recommend this for their lifetimes, then the need for vaccinations goes down exponentially. Never have "play dates" with other parrots because this is how all kinds of infections both viral and bacterial are spread. Keep your two babies safely at home and away from other birds including those outside. I'm envious of your two new "kids", so take great care of them as they are a gift just for you and family.


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