Do older conures need special care?

by Lori Carbin
(Seminole, Florida)



I have a sun conure that I have raised since he hatched. Now that he is going on 16 years old I wonder if there is anything special he needs as he gets older? He has a varied diet of lots of fruits and veggies organic of course, pelleted seed and on occasion seeds, with out any colorings or dies. He eats just about whatever we eat. And has always has bottled water to drink. . I monitor his weight, not to heavy…not to light. Just enough meat on his little breast bone.

I give him vitamins on his fruit daily. I do not clip his wings, he has perches around the house for birdie pit stops and is very well house broken. We leave his cage open during the day and he goes home to nap during the day. He seems very happy and constantly plays with his toys. We work mostly from home so he almost always has company. He showers ¾ times a week. When we travels around the states, he goes with us and is great in the car.

He’s never been sick, and only visited the vet a few times when he was young (mostly to get his nails trimmed, until I learned how)and an occasional check up. The Vet’s attitude is if he’s healthy…keep doing what your doing. Most of the people that I know that have had Suns have already died. Needless to say I don’t want to wait till theirs an issue, I’d like to prevent one and have him for a long, long time.
Any suggestions for an aging bird health ?

Lori C.

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Jun 26, 2008
Older Conure
by: The Vet

Your bird should be seeing an avian veterinarian annually. Now that he is older, he needs to have on file a complete set of survey x-rays and a full chemistry panel and CBC.

Having these normal values on file will help your veterinarian determine much sooner if there are any health issues such as kidney or liver disease, etc.

Dr. B

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