Do PARROT tail feathers go back?!?!?!

by Lidia

Parrot lost tail feathers

Parrot lost tail feathers

My parents let me take out my new Parrot "Disco". U got him in my hands but he bit me really hard and he slipped in my hands and I accidentally pulled his TAIL FEATHERS!!!! There was so blood but I was bursting with tears. I felt guilty on what I did by accident.

I'm so scared on what will happen!!! Please help me out! It's the first time I got a pet parrot!

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Sep 12, 2015
by: Lidia

Thanks for the advice!!!! I can see the tail growing already!

Aug 24, 2015
Do PARROT tail feathers go back?
by: Sandra D Singh

Lidia, don't feel guilty my dear, you was only trying to keep your parrot from flying away. You didn't want him/her leaving you so you acted quickly and held your grip tightly, it's just instinct.
That happened with my Green Cheek Conure last year; she wanted to be with me in the kitchen but I was cooking and didn't want her there. She started talking to get my attention so I came to where her cage was and I took her out.
I sat on the sofa playing with her and after about ten minutes I got up and was walking towards her cage to put her inside. She realized what I was about to do and she flew off leaving almost all her tail feathers in my hand (But no blood). As soon as I felt that she was slipping away I tightened my grip (Just instinct). She flew on top of my pantry and started talking like nothing had happened to her tail, lol.

But not to worry the feathers will grow back and quickly too. Small birds can slip through our hands very easily as their feathers are somewhat smooth. One advice I want to give to you, don't go outside with your parrot if the area is not enclosed because he/she will fly away. I'm in an apartment building and I've enclosed my balcony with hardware cloth (A certain type), so my birds can play and fly around during the summer months and when it is not too cold but they can't fly away. The enclosed balcony is 10 feet in length, 6 feet in width and 8 feet in height and they love to be there.
Good luck with your parrot and God bless you for taking care of him/her.

Aug 23, 2015
Bird lost tail feathers
by: Tracie

No worries, God made them so they could release their tail feathers if threatened. They will grow back in a few weeks.

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