Do red capped parrots talk?

considering purchasing a red capped parrot aa first time parrot owner. do they talk. this 1 is apparently 3mths. old

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May 30, 2011
some can
by: Anonymous

some can learn to talk, not all. Red caps are a popular aviary bird but they can also be an awesome pet. They're a common wild bird in my back yard as well. Their diet is fruit, seeds & insects.

May 30, 2011
Do red capped parrots talk?
by: Linda

All of the parrot family has the ability to talk, all the way down to the little Budgies. Understanding them or them wanting to talk is another story.

I suggest you find some material about the bird you are thinking of getting. There are books on this site, and much information on the internet.

The other thing you need to understand is that birds do not just start talking like a little battery operated toy. It takes much time before a bird will even think of talking. They have to be comfortable in their new home and trust their new caretakers, and trust is not freely given. It is earned.

You will need to take your new bird, whatever it is, to an Avian Vet within first week it is home because ALL pet store birds are sick, and any infections need to be diagnosed and treated by a licensed and trained avian vet. If you do not want the expense of an avian vet, then do not get a bird of any kind. Regular dog and cat vets are not even licensed or trained about birds and will make wrong diagnosis and treat with incorrect dosage of meds. In other words, they can and do kill birds from not knowing how to diagnose and treat.

I suggest you do your homework as to size and kind of cage needed, safe, natural branch wood perches are needed, safe toys and most importantly high quality food like organic pelleted diet. Harrison's is one of the best and is carried here as are a few others. It takes time to change bird from very poor all seed diet to the organic pellets, and here is article on how to go about it.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

MAKE NO changes in diet until bird has been cleared or treated by an Avian Vet as sick birds do not need anymore stressors than they already have to deal with. Let us know how it goes!


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