Do the Indian Ring-necked parrots have a strong sense of smell?

by Sultana Zamani
(Pune, India)

I have two ring-necked parrots - one male and the other female. But the female sense of smell is very strong. I have put them in the balcony and the female is very attached to my husband but does not like me at all.

The balcony is attached to the sitting-room so even if the balcony door is closed and if I sit in the sitting-room the female parrot screams and yells. She stops screaming only if I leave the room.

How can she see if the door is closed. Does she have a strong sense of smell?

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May 02, 2012
Bird screams when you are near
by: Tracie

Please read our article "Answer for biting GC conure" on our Parrot Training page for help with getting your bird to accept you.

Even if the bird isn't biting you, which I suspect it does if you think it hates you, your husband can show his displeasure at whatever reaction the bird has around you.

Have you considered that you may wear a perfume, use a shampoo or something with an odor that the bird does not like? Some birds are very sensitive to chemicals and something you wear may irritate it.

May 02, 2012
Do Indian ringnecks havea strong sense of smell?
by: Anonymous

Ringnecks, have the same smelling capability that other parrots do. It's more heightened then a humans, but they don't have super sniffers.

There's no way she can smell you from another room, unless you bathe yourself in perfume daily. A lot of birds don't like perfume.
Or If you're a smoker, smoking in the sitting room, she can probably smell it, and screams bc the smell bothers her. Or she can smell it on you when in the same room.

Your female has bonded to your husband, which is typical. Generally you will see a bird bond with a human of the opposite sex, however, they can bond with a same sex human.

Your female ringneck probably screams bc birds can get jealous. She doesnt want you to have your husband's attn. She wants it.

There's also other factors in why a bird would scream. Such as, the color of nail polish (which your husband doesnt wear, but you might). Bright, loud colors or busy patterns on your clothes, can scare and cause them to scream. I have a bird who hates hats, and will scream like she's dying till you take it off.

If your bird is on the balcony, you're not there, and she's screaming, then prehaps she doesn't like the balcony. She's screaming bc she wants in. Wild birds, traffic, or anything on the patio could be scaring her when she's out there. If your bird doesn't like it there, then it's best to not put her out there.

My Grey is 10 mos old. I have to condition her to be outside. She's doing well, however, allot of things scare her outside, so we do small 5 min trips outside 2 times a day. Thankfully, Greys only growl, and shiver, they dont scream.

There's plenty of training videos for birds on Youtube, prehaps you should try training her, and working with her. The interaction with her should help stop the screaming.

Ringnecks are brilliant little birds. They can learn to talk, and do tricks!

Train her, you'd be suprised what those little birds can do! It'd be best if you try to train her, so she's got interaction with you. Prehaps it will stop the screaming. TRaining is something you'll need to do each day.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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