Do vets need to charge what they charge?

by CHaydel
(New Orleans)

Would the person in the know say something about the cost of vet bills, please.

So very meany of the readers on this website seem to be fighting with this issue.

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Mar 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

Yep SOME AV's charge a lot. It's pretty 'normal' & something you will get used to & accept over time....

As for cheap AV's that hire people who don't know how to handle birds & because their information is out of date. Well, I hope you have cold hard facts about that before making such a statement.

AV's charge an 'average' higher rate than regular vets but majority of them charge their own 'other' fees for their own reasons, which has nothing to do with incapability on their behalf. I have an AV North of us who charges cheaper than my AV, & he IS an AV, IS up their with technology & DOES have staff who know birds well. And I don't use him because he is further away than the AV I see now. The price an AV vet charges has nothing to do with lack of skills, knowledge, technology or anything else. The pricing is theirs to put up or down at their will.

Mar 25, 2013
Do vets need to charge what they charge?
by: Linda

I'd like to add a comment or two here as well. Husband and I are both disabled, have two Amazon parrots and 3 large dogs and very little money. If you keep your birds healthy by feeding an organic pelleted diet with yearly checkups, costs for Avian Vets are minimal. High quality diets cost much less than avian vets, and I can testify to that from personal experience.

Our Amazons have been eating Harrison's organic pellets for lots of years, and the only time they go to the avian vet is to have beaks and nails done when needed. They stay healthy because their diet provides everything they need to be healthy.We do not allow them to fly all over the house which cuts down on injuries as well.

As Tracie said, Avian Vets have to go to vet school extra years to become licensed and board certified. Plus, like dog and cat vets, they have to stay up on all the new stuff too which takes up their personal time.

The trick of feeding a well balanced diet made for birds or dogs goes a long way in cutting down or out any kind of vet bills.

I want to know why I can't afford to go to the doctor with Medicare and am terrified of what Obama care will look like since I already cannot afford a doctor or dentist. Could someone help me with that? Thanks a bunch!


Mar 25, 2013
vet charges
by: Alex

I used to take my budgies to an avian vet who charged £14 and I ended up gettung a second opinion from a vet charging £51 and I got such a better service and treatment.

I will now only take them to the more epensive one and I am nearly broke, but the birds deserve the best care.

It may be expensive, but a caring owner knows that our birds are worth it, even if our bank accounts don't..

Mar 25, 2013
Why avian vets charge so much.
by: Tracie

I am not sending this on to Dr B, because the people that don't want to use avian vets will not listen to him anyway.

Yes, avian vets pay a ton for their education and even have continuing education - if they are good avian vets that want to keep up with the latest information.

They have to pay for their office, electricity, employees, the latest technology, training for their vet techs etc.

In this new age where people feel they deserve things for free, there is not much anyone can do without getting blasted by folks that wish to get things free or at little cost because THEY never paid thousands for an education or ever had to pay all the fees to run a business.

I have people that complain about shipping costs. Like, am I UPS? They say others offer free shipping, no others do not offer free shipping, they just call it free shipping. They just jack up the prices to cover their "free shipping" because they DO have to pay the bills.

Do you prefer to take your precious bird to a vet that is cheap because he hires people that don't know how to handle birds, have no training, has old technology and the vet hasn't had any continuing education in the last 20 years? Your bird may die in the vet tech's hands because they hold the bird too tight, or overdose the bird with something.

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