Does my lonely Senegal parrot need a friend?

by Carina

We have a one year old male Senegal Parrot called Jeffery. He is very tame and loves to be with my boyfriend all the time. He does not like it when he is on his own and since we are away at work during the day I feel bad leaving him. Do you think getting another parrot - so they can keep each other company is a good idea...?

And if yes, should I get a female Senegal. We used to have a Meyers Parrot and I would love another one of them - do these two breeds mix well together. Should I get a male or female...?

Jeffery is a very dominate male - just from what I have witnessed, they way he is with my friends dog (who he bosses about). I would worry that he may bully another parrot.

I would really appreciate your expert advise.

Many thanks, Carina

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Aug 25, 2009
Parrot Friend
by: Linda

Carina, yes, it would be a good idea to get a friend for him, but don't think about breeding them. A Meyers would work as a companion, and he or she will need to be in its own cage. Don't put your present bird in cage with another bird either now or later unless cage is HUGE like a big flight cage for them. Get another cage and put new bird in it. If birds come out to play when you all are home, then gradually let the two of them get acquainted. Never leave them alone while outside cage, and do not allow any parrot to play with dogs, cats or other pets. Even though it may appear that animals and birds are getting on, if you turn your back you may be in for a deadly surprise. Keep birds up off floor where they may contract bacterial infections from where other pets and humans have walked.

As for the sex of new bird, another male may work out very well. If you get a female, eventually, when both are sexually mature, they will decide to try and mate, and this is more trouble than you will want to deal with and work outside the home too. Get a young male Meyers or Senegal either one. Both birds come from the same part of the world, so should get on well once they get to know each other. Allow new bird to get used to you and your home before putting the two birds together. When I say together, I mean on a large perch or if both cages have playtops on them, then birds can play on each others' playtops as they wish or not.

As I said previously, do not leave them alone together for even a short period of time while out of cage as this could mean trouble with fighting and such. Give your NOW bird time to get to know new guy, and give them both the same time and affection so no one gets jealous of the other. With two of you, you can each play with one and then change birds so new bird gets to know you both. When offering treats, make sure you offer both birds the same identical thing at the same time. If your old bird perceives that new bird is getting something more special than he, then you can also have problems. Birds have the approximate mental and emotional development of 4-5 year old human children, so keep that in mind whatever you do. What you give one, you must give the other or suffer sibling rivalry.

Good Luck and post a pix of the two birds once you get new one all set up. Thanks for writing,

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