Does my Ringnek have mites/fleas?

(South Africa)

I thought I saw a flea or something on my 2 year old Ringnek but I'm not sure... He's been ruffling and cleaning his feathers much more than before and he has pulled out some of his tail feathers. Also, he's been very moody lately and his colour seems a bit duller than usual because he looks ruffled or disheveled (if one can say that of a bird...)

How do I know for sure if my bird has fleas or mites or something, and how do I treat it? I don't know of an avian vet where I live (Gauteng, South Africa).

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Jan 19, 2012
Does my Ringnek have mites/fleas?
by: Linda

Unless your bird spends time outside on the ground, it does not have fleas. Fleas can only be gotten by birds who walk around in flea infested grass or dirt or on the floor in the house if there is a flea problem. Always keep your bird off the ground and floor as both are full of bacteria and other dangerous things.

Mites cannot be seen with the naked eye, and you will have to find an Avian Vet so you can find out for sure. You do not want to use any over the counter flea or mite sprays on your bird because these are toxic and until you know what the bird has, will do nothing but kill your bird. Any flea sprays or powders will kill your bird and most of the mite preparations are also poison. They sell them because people buy them not necessarily because they are good for the bird.

Here is a link to help find an Avian Vet in your area, and you can also call regular dog and cat vets in the area and see if any of them have any experience with birds or if they know of any Avian Vets:

Find an Avian Vet


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