Does parrot that sleeps with me know I love her?

by Maggie

I have a 9 months old that I got when she was 8 weeks old. She does not have a cage. She thinks she is a person. Loves to ride in my car. My Question? Does she knows that I love her?. She is always with me and argues when she can not come with me on some of my rides which makes me laugh. Her name is Jackie and loves to whistles with music. She loves rice. She even sleeps with me in my bed. Is it ok.

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Jul 28, 2018
Does my bird know I love it
by: Hazel Berry

The parrot needs a cage.. I'm sure you enjoy coming home and closing your door. Your bird is the same. For the safety of your precious bird. Please don't sleep with your bird. Even if your birds head is out the blankets their breathing can be restricted. They don't have a diafram and need room for the air sacs in their chest to expand enabling them to breath. I hope you find my comment useful..

Jan 31, 2012
Young bird
by: Anonymous

Oh my! Reading your question made me nervous for your little bird! I truely understand that these birds get so attached to us humans (i have a grey and caique) as they fight for my love lol HOWEVER they have a cage to call their own and they certainly do not sleep in my bed.

Where does your bird stay when you are not home!?!! Does she have full rein of a room? Your whole house? It is hard to imagine that you would have a 100% bird proof house. Birds are trouble makers!! She can easily chew something toxic that will kill her! She could get stuck somewhere.. Break bones.. Possibilities are endless!

As far as the sleeping in bed with you.. Boy does that make me nervous. Birds are not, lets say, "sturdy" creatures like a dog or cat. Let me tell you a little story. I used to work at a pet shop that sold parrots. A great little sun conure went home to a wonderful man and his young son, about 11 yrs old or so. They would come back and visit all the time and it showed that this bird adored the son.

One day months down the road.. The dad comes back to the store, something was wrong written all over his face. He pulled me aside and said "i need to purchase another conure. My son was on the couch with Sunny and he fell asleep.. And well.. He rolled onto Sunny and Sunny died.." !!!

Moral of that is i would HATE for you to experience the same thing!! If you truely love your baby do her a favor and keep her safe from all the dangerous elements of a human house and get her a cage! Get her a fuzzy hut to sleep in (my caique loves his!!) trust me she will not be upset!! Then she will know you love her! :-)

Jan 30, 2012
Does parrot that sleeps with me know I love her?
by: Linda

NO, this is not okay. Your bird has to have a cage, and it will get used to it in time. What you are doing is wrong on so many levels. The bird may think it's a human, and it is not a human nor will it ever be a human.

Now is the time to get a nice roomy cage and put your bird in it. Make sure perches are made from safe wood natural branch perches so feet and legs feel good. Parrots like wooden chew toys, so look for some of them in the size appropriate for your bird. What you are doing is not helping your bird and in fact is hurting him though you can't seem to see this. Treat a bird like he is a bird because he IS a bird.

Your bird is now very spoiled, so there will be some bumpy road getting him used to a cage, and you have to do it and the sooner the better.


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