does Pluck No More really work?

by Debbie

I just ordered 2 bottles of pluck no more and for the price I sure hope it works , does anyone really know if it works or is this a high price scam?

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Sep 22, 2015
don't use pluck no more
by: Anonymous

I tried this stuff on my CAG and within a couple of months of being off of it, he died of kidney and liver failure!! Rocco was only 5 and a half years old!!
If I could sue I would. He was the love of my life!!!

Editor's note: Unless you took your bird for a necropsy, you don't know why the bird died. If you DID have a necropsy done AND the results came back that this killed him, please let us know.

Aug 04, 2013
Pluck no more! Good luck.
by: chaydel

I used something else with a high grape fruit concentrate. {"Fooey! Ultra-bitter spray"} No such luck. You feel bad when they are tasting it and biting, never-the-less, you swallow your $$$ and carry just one more confused emotion regarding this issue. Plucking is an emotional roller coaster.

If you have gotten blood test(s), then....

A well known bird vet said that I had to stop the G. Cockatoo sleeping with me and to let her "be." "Be," I told him that I could not do this, and have not to this day.

Later my green cheek conure befriended her. The G. cockatoo plucks her feathers given a chance, on rare occasion.(What's that about?) It tells me more about the motivation of the cockatoo and why she plucks. I tripled the size of her cage.

"Plucking" : A multiple of reasons...boredom not being the least of them. From personal ongoing painful experience: try to get your child to be a little more independent and happy on her own (big cage and plenty to forage and play with), offer her the often spoke about pellets,(My cockatoo was raised on Harrison's-so I have ruled poor nutrition out, also.)

I have 6 other birds, the cockatoo raids the Illiger's macaw cage and dumps the food. She dumps her own food, unless I place food in the proper food containers.

However, with all this having been said, don't give up hope. This experience only helps you(us) to grow closer to the animals that we love but can't explain why. Remember: Their plight for continued existence in today's world is partly caused by those who love them. Be nice to your "bitty."

Aug 03, 2013
does Pluck No More really work?
by: Linda

Most of the remedies are made using very strong Brandy or some other type of alcohol. Alcohol is POISON for birds, so if it has alcohol, you will need to leave it out to air out for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Alcohol is used to preserve the remedy and is also used with the essence remedies to keep them stable. Just remember not to give it until it has had time to air out.

What I've done with remedies is to mix them with a bit of food bird likes. Maybe a little piece of bread or a small portion of baked sweet potato. The directions are, of course, different for humans, dogs and cats. Birds are different, so it is okay to mix with a tiny bit of a soft food so they readily eat it. Just remember to let alcohol evaporate after you put it into a snack by leaving it uncovered for 15 mins up to a half hour. I know that may sound strange, and birds will die from alcohol poisoning so quickly it will astound you. It would be best to go ahead and mix with food which will keep everything moist.

Hopefully, you've already had your bird examined by an Avian Vet to rule out a physical cause for the plucking which can be allergic reaction to food or environment or bird is not getting right kind of diet with too much food that is not wholesome enough.It's always good practice to have bird examined by avian vet to make sure there is not something going on that can be treated with allopathic meds.

Thanks for writing, and I hope this works. By the way, do not use any kind of remedy more than one time a day unless your bird is under the care of a Homeopathic Avian Vet who instructs you to do so.


Aug 03, 2013
Pluck No More work?
by: Tracie

This is a homeopathic product, so it may or may not work depending on bird. Read up on homeopathic remedies to understand further.

For instance, my daughter had poison ivy the first time I used a homeopathic product. I was skeptical that it would work, because I had never heard of it before. My sister gave my daughter Rus Tox, and that is derived from poison ivy so should have worked. It didn't.

Then my sister asked more about her symptoms, and even though we KNOW she got into poison ivy, she has the symptoms for Rus Ven, and I think that is poison sumac. She went from horribly swollen to just a red rash in about 15 minutes. It wasn't psychosomatic.

So, YES this works! It works wonders in many birds, but some birds have symptoms for another remedy and I wouldn't know what that is because I am not a homeopath. Pluck No More has a few remedies in it, to try to cover all the symptoms, so hopefully it will work.

Don't open the bottle around strong odors, or the remedy will absorb what is in the air. So if you are frying onions or something just open it in another room.

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