dog allergic to bird?

by Savannah
(United States)

Me and my sisters just got birds. We have a maltese mix and a pekignese mix. I know that there is a dust on cockaiel's feathers and it is not good for humans with allergy problems. And my sisters got english budgies. Our dogs have beena acting strange like breathing hard and sneezing sometimes. Are our dogs allergic to the birds since this has happened when we got our birds?

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Feb 11, 2016
Bird bath spray
by: Anonymous

There is a bird spray with preen oil that would be better for the birds than Johnson products. Birds that bather do not need to be sprayed with this solution but those that don't normally bathe should be.

Feb 17, 2010
Birds and shampoos
by: Anonymous

There is a reason that special shampoos are created specifically for birds, or dogs, or any other animal. Human shampoos can cause allergies, skin irritation and poison your bird. Just because it says "gentle enough for a baby" does not mean it is safe for you bird! Switch over to a reputable bird shampoo. Many on the market to choose from.

Aug 22, 2008
Dog probably not allergic to bird
by: The Vet

May be a slim chance that the dogs are allergic to the 'tiel. This is probably not related to the lame budgie. That should be looked at by an avian veterinarian.

Dr. B

Aug 21, 2008
Dog allergic to birds
by: Kralice4u

This is a possibilty that your dog could be allergic to the dander of a bird. Try giving you bird a bath or misting him once or twice a week. Make sure you dry him off well so he does not catch a cold.
I bathe my birds in Johnson's tearless baby shampoo or wash.
I also leave a bowl of water down for them t bathe themselves. My only birds that I witness taking a daily bath is my Conures.
Good luck with this situation!

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