dog and bird.

by Sally
(Berwyn,Ill. USA)

I have a 9 yr old Blue headed Pionus and I love her to death & also have a 4 yr old Shepard/Rot. puppy. The dog is very protective of her. My question is, I won't have my bird's wings clipped just in case, the dog licks her belly all the time when I bring her out of her house. Is this ok for the dog to do to my bird?

The other question that I have is that I can't get my bird to talk? Do you have any recommendations. And she is only on a seed diet! I can't get her to eat fruits veggies, nothing. She loves her pizza, chinese etc. Can you help in any way? I would love to have her out of her house more but am so scared that there might be an accident with the dog. any help would be appreciated. And yes the bird came first.
Thank you

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Jul 30, 2009
Dog and Bird
by: Linda

First of all, letting the dog lick her will give her chronic infections. In fact, I recommend you take her to an Avian Vet as soon as is possible to check for infections. She may not be eating properly because of an infection. Birds only have gram positive bacteria in their bodies. Humans, dogs, cats and other mammals have gram negative bacteria and a lot of it, so each time your dog licks bird, she is being covered in this harmful bacteria. Take her to vet and see if she is ill. Give her any prescribed medicines and then here is what you need to do:

Get a high quality pelleted diet, and I recommend Harrison's as all ingredients are organic and it provides a complete, healthful diet. Only give her the dark leafy lettuces(no spinich), dark orange and yellow squash and some baked sweet potato. Harrisons also makes a Birdy Bread mix in three types which will help you change her over from the seeds. Changeover has to be done gradually by putting small amounts of seed on bottom of dish and the rest pellets. The Birdy Bread mix is made using the organic Red Palm oil and two egg whites plus a little water. Tracie carries the pellets and the bread mix out here. The bread is very tasty and is made using the Harrison pellet recipe, so it will help her to want to eat her pellets.

Stop with the table food as pizza is full of fat not to mention preservatives of all kinds. If she is eating any of the meat, she is surely sick. Chinese food is usually made using MSG, and this is a preservative and all preservatives are poison for birds.Salt is also a killer of birds as is processed sugar.

Please put her in a room of her own away from dog. If you need to, buy and install a screen door so dog cannot have entry to room. In this room have her cage set up with toys, natural wood perches and make sure it is roomy enough for her to be able to spread her wings fully to do some flying in place which birds love to do.In this safe room, she can also come out to play without worry about dog. I would recommend having just her Primary wing feathers clipped when she goes to vet.

When you bring her out to play with you, have a stand-alone perch to sit on with food and water dishes. Either put dog outside or in another room when bird is out of her room.

You are "playing with fire" here, and I will guarantee you that one your bird is probably sick, and two your dog will eventually kill this small bird since it has no fear of her at all.

So, take bird to vet asap, get her on a pelleted diet with only the above-mentioned veggies for treats, no more than 10% of the diet should be fruit and/or veggies.

It is good dog likes bird, and please do not be fooled as to what will eventually happen.

Let us know what vet has to say and contact if there are problems with change over from seeds to pellets.


Jul 30, 2009
Dog and bird together?
by: Tracie

No, you should not let your dog lick your bird. You honestly should not let your dog near your bird. I can not tell you how many people tell me that their dog or cat get along with their birds for years and then one day "out of the blue" they kill the bird.

It is usually an accident. The dog or cat gets startled and kills the bird before it realizes it is killing it's friend. Birds have hollow bones that break easily.

Also, the bacteria in the dog's saliva is toxic to the bird from what I understand. When the bird preens it's feathers, it may get very sick.

You must work at converting your bird to pellets. We have an article that Dr. B wrote on Switching Birds to Pellets. Read the article and do what it says, your birds health depends on it.

The only fresh food you should feed your bird, is healthy, organic fresh vegetables and some grains. You can make a healthy organic bird bread also. I say "organic" because it is very hard on their tiny organs to process the chemicals and dyes in foods and treats.

I also have other articles on our Parrot Training page you should read. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your bird, keeping your bird healthy will give you many more years with him.

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