dog attacked my quaker parrot

by Vicki Rose
(Delray Beach, FL)

Yesterday, my dog attacked my 6 year old quaker parrot, Percy. There was no blood, and nothing broken. I know I dodged a huge bullet!!!! My dog, however, got several of my birds feathers and about 6 flight feathers and all of his tailfeathers.

Percy is an amazing, smart, social quaker. Is there anything I should be aware of with the re-growth of all these feathers? Is there a possibility of a change in his personality? He doesn't seem to be in any pain, but will it be painful for him as he re-grows his feathers?

Also, approximately how long does it take to re-grow feathers? I'm not sure where he's at with the molting cycle.

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Jun 01, 2017
Dog attack
by: Anonyjuanitamous

I just got a 9 wk old blue Quaker parrot and my dog attacked her ( Azul) is she traumatized or what she is hideing in the corner of her cage. What should I . Please Help

Apr 20, 2015
My dog got my sun conure
by: Ben

My dog took of all of my birds back feathers will they grow back to normal if so how long will it take? All my bird does is sleep. He doesn't want to eat. I think he has a broken leg. What should I do

Editor's note: Get your bird to an avian vet right away! Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet.

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Feb 25, 2012
Crazy bird
by: Angela

I recently got a Quaker, I'm new to owning a bird but researched and this seemed like it would be a good fit. I got it(not sure of sex yet), from a Pet Supplies near us. They had the bird a month and now that we have it home its very aggressive and runs or tries to fly away when I try anything with it. I can't pet it or perch it on my finger nor place it on the perch above its cage because it's skiddish and bites. I am totally up for the challenge but maybe need a little direction. Anything anyone may suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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Dec 02, 2009
My dog got my parakeet
by: Anonymous

What do i do if my dog got a hold of my parakeet and now it doesnt have any tail feathers!! What should i do? Will it grow back? And i dont know if its time for the molting cycle??? Plzz help!!

Editor's note: The feathers will grow back. If you have other questions, please post them as new questions, not as answers to other's posts.

Aug 17, 2009
This just happened to my green cheek conure today
by: Laurie

My child left the cage top flap open today and went out to swim. Pico got off his cage some how and my miniature schnauzer, who was in the house, got him. All of his tail feathers are gone, as well as the unclipped flight feathers that were on his wings. He now looks like a baby bird. He's only a year old. The vet who lives next door came over and gave him a steroid shot and checked him out. He says Pico should be fine, but he looks terrible! He was quite sleepy for the rest of the day. We covered his cage, as per vet instruction, and left him alone. I am praying he will be better by tomorrow morning. I am really worried about him. His rear end looks so red and bare. My 11 year old son feels horribly guilty about leaving the cage open. If Pico died, I don't think he could have forgiven himself. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.

Editor's note: Your bird needs to see an avian vet, I am sorry this happened. We can learn some hard lessons when we own birds.

Aug 10, 2009
Conure attacked by dog
by: D. Centonze

Last Tuesday night Kiwi, my Nanday Conure, was attacked by my landlords' Cockerspaniel, long story as he was supposed to be in my room. I was taking my dog outside when Kiwi managed to fly down to the 1st floor and started calling to me. I rushed in and grabbed the dog. I was able to free Kiwi from his jaws but, not before sustaining severe injuries. His whole left side had a big laceration and up the back a bit as well. I rushed him to the emergency room. He pulled through and there did not appear to be any injuries to his air sac. He is wearing a cone now and taking 2 types of antibiotics and a pain medication. The swelling and redness have finally gone down for the most part. They shaved the area where he has the wound. I have a dog of my own a Schipperke and they get along fine so I feel like it is partly my fault since I have taught Kiwi not to be afraid. He is eating and drinking a little less than normal and much more quiet than he was before. In your opinion do you think he will recover? Do you think he will blame me for letting this happen to him? I have been sick with worry ever since this happened.

Editor's note: Your vet will have the best opinion about his recovery. Also, you posted your question as answer to another person's question so people will not read it. Please post this as a new question under Parrot Questions.

Jan 08, 2009
Quaker lost feathers
by: Tracie

Your bird may have even "thrown off" his feathers when he was being attacked. Birds will often release their feathers when afraid. My Bourke's released a ton of feathers a couple of weeks ago when it thought my 4 year niece was going to reach for it.

The feathers will grow back rather quickly most likely. When our Conure lost all his tail feathers a couple of years ago, they grew back in about a month.

I don't know that it hurts for them to grow back in, but I imagine it is a little uncomfortable. Allow your bird to bathe often when they are growing back in.

It goes without saying, keep your bird and the dog from each other. I know of one person that allowed her bird and cat to be together for years. They actually enjoyed being together. One day the cat was napping and the bird startled the cat. The cat instinctively swatted what startled him, and the bird died. I would not take the chance, no matter how "cute" it is to see them together.

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