Dog broke bird's nail

by reina

what can i do if my dog broke my birds nail?

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Oct 05, 2011
Bird nail broke
by: Tracie

I am not clear on what the situation looks like. If your bird bled, then you need to be careful of infection. Also, how do you know just the nail was injured? Are you sure the toe or foot is not injured also? Dr B can't help without seeing the injury and knowing the details.

I personally would Find an Avian Vet for my bird to be examined and get an antibiotic to prevent infection.

If just the tip of the nail broke off, you can file the sharp edges and if the bird is walking and climbing without any signs of injury, then all will be fine.

As a side note, please keep your dog and any other animals out of the room when the bird is not in the cage, in case it flutters down to the floor.

I know people DO allow their birds out with cats and dogs and send "cute" pictures, but honestly it only takes one time that the dog or cat gets startled and attacks the bird without thinking and the bird will be dead.

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