Doggy smells in the house!!

by annie

What type of air-purifiers may I use in my house.... I have 3 'tiels,my Senegal and 4 dogs?
Try as I might,I cannot control the wet-dog odor that accumulates when the cold comes to MI and the windows are up for months.

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you!

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Apr 20, 2009
re: doggy smells; and other household
by: Dee

I believe the volcanic rock is a great idea., one thing my husband has done to help our furry wonders with thier B.O. is to collect the mesh bags from the veggies as i bring in the produce.. then he fills them with Charcoal briquets. (regular bbq charcoal pcs) this seems to work really well, and its really inexpensive. To make these bags a lil more appealing to the eye, i take them and put them in small flower pots with a few fake flowers (just for the deco purpose)

Oct 26, 2008
Doggy Smell
by: Anonymous

We have had that damp doggy smell also. The best product I have found was a mesh bag filled with volcanic rocks that absorb the smell. We got ours at Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens n' Things. I think it cost about $8.00 or thereabouts. I hide it in the corner of our family room. It has worked wonderfully! Our house no longer smells and we've had it for 3 or 4 years. You refresh the volcanic rock by putting it in the sun for several hours. Hope it works for you!!

Oct 26, 2008
Doggy smells in the house
by: Kralice4u

A few things you can try are to sprinkle baking soda on your carpets and letting it sit for a few minutes and then vacuuming it up. You can also pour baking soda in little containers and placing them around to absorb odors.
Invest in a carpet cleaner! That will really help a great deal too!

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