don't know what species my parrot is

by matt
(williamsport, pa. u.s.a)

I bought a parrot from a woman who couldn't tell me what type of parrot I bought from her is. I have been looking on line and can't find out for sure. She is 8 yrs old, has a green body, red line of feathers under her wings, a red mask around her eyes which extends a thin red line above her beak.white feathers above her beak and then a small blue patch. Her beak is yellow and is pinkish around her nostrils. She is probably 14 inches long and has a short tail. If anyone can tell me what breed she is please email me at

thank you

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Apr 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

Would this be the bird you're describing?

It could be a red lored amazon or red topped amazon or any other. But I do think you're decribing an amazon.

You can get the amazon species here:
You'll be able to find out which you bird is on that site.

Apr 14, 2010
don't know what species my parrot is
by: Linda

sounds like your bird may be a Mexican Red Head Amazon also known as Green Cheek.

If you have not taken your bird to an Avian Vet, please do so immediately as he could be suffering from infections. If the woman who gave you bird didn't even know what kind of bird it is then neglect could be possible here. A trip to an Avian Vet is a MUST in this case to rule out physical illness.

Thanks for writing,

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