Don't Use Cloth Bird Carriers With Zippers on Both Ends

by Connie
(Santa Clara, CA)

This is just a warning to people who use the cloth bird carriers with zippers on both ends. They are a nice, light cage especially when taking your bird to the vet. I loved mine until I was taking my lovebird to the vet and halfway to the car the zipper broke and the end of the cage was wide open. I almost had a heart attack.

I pressed the open end next to my chest which was hard to do as there were still gaps where my bird could get out. Somehow I made it back into the hallway of my apartment with my beloved love bird still inside. Zippers are not safe and can give way at any moment. I don't want anyone else to go through what I went through. It still upsets me when I think about almost losing my beloved little bird and watching him fly away.

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Jan 27, 2012
Don't Use Cloth Bird Carriers With Zippers on Both Ends
by: Linda

Thank you very much for your input, and cloth carriers are not a good idea for parrots anyway because the larger birds can chew through them quickly if they want to.

The best carriers are regular cage material like welded wire or bars. I've even used the plastic airline crates which have open grated areas on both sides and the entire door is made from this strong bar material too. Those are fairly cheap and come in many sizes and colors so you can have large all the way down to small if you are a multiple bird household. They are strong, virtually indestructible and come apart for easy cleaning and storing. Of course, bird sits flat down on the bottom, so really long trips will need a regular carry cage with a grate in the bottom. The airline crates are great for short trips to Avian Vet and back.

Again, we appreciate information like this because your experience can save someone's bird from certain disaster as it's a cold, cruel world out there for pet parrots.


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