Dorian "BooBoo" Grey, our adopted Congo

by Caves&Stars

Contacted by dear and concerned cancer friend whose Father recently died, we were asked to quickly remove "WindyBird," a five year old Congo Grey from the stepmother that clearly hated this amazing bird, and foster "her".

The Father had raised "Windy" from six weeks of age and yet when I came to rescue this bird from an ancient cage placed in a dark room 24/7 the woman did not even know it's name! Although raised primarily on people food, it was surprisingly healthy, delighted but in deep grief at losing "Pappa".

We managed to catch it, brought it home and within a day- despite no experience with parrots- fell totally in love with this amazing and beautiful creature. Our first order of business was a vet check and feather DNA test. Healthy and in great condition, Windy became a male and although he still recognizes that name, we named him Dorian Grey but call him mostly Boo. It took a large Cages by Design enclosure with toys and foraging toys, and about a week before he showed us his talents as well as choosing my husband as his person.

He loves me in his own way but the damage done by the former woman will always have him prefer men, fear spray baths and sticks. We've now been his for six years and is one of our greatest joys.

Please, if you want a parrot, education and nutritional diet are a must but constant love and gaining their trust is vital. Adopting a bird is a wonderful experience so please do not buy one when there are so many feathered sweethearts that just want a loving, caring and safe home. There are few annoying behaviors of adopters not curable with patience, trust, good diet, education and LOVE.
Danny, Donna, Dorian Grey, the cats & tortoises

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Oct 10, 2013
Dorian "BooBoo" Grey, our adopted Congo
by: Linda

Thank You and your Dear Family for this precious letter! It is rare to see people as unselfish as you all are. Being willing to take in a bird like this who has had such a hard time is being a true Hero in our times.

One word of caution to others reading this though. A lot of parrots coming from abuse and neglect can be rehomed and with care, patience, good food and vet visits can be turned back into the loving creature they were before the world collapsed around them. Other parrots are very much mentally ill from years' of abuse and neglect. Some of these birds are very dangerous, so find out all you can about the bird and visit him/her for a while to see how bird interacts with people. If this is not possible, try and find a shelter for the bird until it can be observed as to state of mind. Parrots are very sensitive creatures, and regular abuse over a long period of time drives them insane. There is usually no coming back from this insanity.

Do open your hearts to these birds, and proceed with caution because a mentally ill bird can be a very dangerous housemate for the whole family.

Thanks SO Much for YOUR story, and I'm so happy your situation is working out for the good of all. Keep in touch with us as we are always here.
Linda and Family

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