Double yellow amazon white flakes.

(Hayward wisc. usa)

Hi I just got a double yellow headed amazon a few weeks ago. I have given him pellets and pretty bird pellets plus seeds. He has a lot of white flakes on his cage. I am sure cause of the stress from moving. He is like 11 or older. He doesn't talk a young girl had him I had him dna checked it is a male.

You can not take him out of the cage. He tries to bite even if i put food in his dish. And he screams a lot. And i don't think he will ever talk or am I wrong. If i put my hand up to the cage he charges it. Hoping he will get use to me.

I could tell he was over weight. So I some what changed his diet. Can you help me if I am doing the right thing with the food. Thank you for your time. Judy

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Apr 18, 2008
new bird
by: Lori/Texas

Give him time to adjust to his new enviroment. Who knows what he has been through in the last 11 years. I got a 5 year old african grey and it was a year before I could take him out of the cage. If for some reason he flew down I could pick him up but not scratch him. After several months I could scratch him in his cage and soon he was stepping up on my arm. You have to earn his trust and that takes time and patience. I've had him 5 years now and have finally earned his trust but he still nips occasionaly especially when I put him back in his cage.
I switched him from an all seed diet to harrisions pellets and some avian natural seed mixture. I have to order both off the internet.

Apr 18, 2008
Amazon diet and flakes
by: Vet

In my experience the very best way to feed parrots is 80% pellets and 20% treats. Treats are any food that is not a pellets. I especially recommend feeding Harrison's pellets; these are the best. With a pellet diet you should not feed a supplement.

The white flakes are a product of the bird getting new feathers in. The protective coating flakes off as the feather comes in.

The Vet

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