Double yellow amozon parrots nesting

by John
(New Lenox, Illinois)

The past week every morning I have caught these 25 year old parrots mating I have a nesting box mounted on the cage ,they seem to realy enjoy the box, What do they like for nesting material ? Also how long before she layes her eggs ? Thank You

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Mar 21, 2011
Thanks Linda
by: John

Thank You Linda for your comments, very imformative and so true, she loves the box and it is mounted on the outside of the cage, The hen has not layed any eggs as of yet but I am sure she will , the male is already getting to be a monster over her, Only natural for him to be protective, I got bit a few times but didnt jerk back, he let me go with a stiff warning, Boy can they pack a wallop of a bite, OUCH and also the box is accessible with a plexi-glass window that can be covererd for her privacy, thanks again for the input, much appreciated

Mar 19, 2011
Double yellow amozon parrots nesting
by: Linda

Well, just because they are mating does not mean they will have babies. If the hen is not spending time in the nestbox, she may either not be interested or is waiting for a while.

If you have the correct kind of box, you don't need anything more for nesting material than some shredded clean white newspaper. You can get the unprinted news paper at your local newspaper office. They have ends of rolls which still have a lot of paper on them, just not enough to do another large run, and they sell them cheap. You would have to do the shredding, but the paper is clean. I do not recommend anything else, and don't shred it up too fine as the hen will want to do some of that. Also do not put it too thick because the eggs can become lost, and she has to turn them all the time.

The thing about the right kind of nestbox is you have to have one that hangs outside the cage with only the entrance hole and perch inside cage. You have to have a breeding cage with a small door flap for this. If you do not have access to eggs and later babies, you are already in trouble, so make sure you have this set up. You will also want to cut a small slits in box right behind the hole inside the box and then cut a thin piece of wood so you can slide this little door in when you examine eggs and later weigh babies and/or feed them. This is VERY important because you will see a change in your male once eggs are laid and being sat on. He will become a monster and will attack you with little provocation. Slide in door is for your protection.Make sure you have swivel out cup holders too, because you will not want to put hands inside cage until breeding and raising is over.

Please take this seriously because Amazons are fierce when they are breeding and their attacks can be very severe and very painful, up to needing a trip to emergency room.

Thanks for writing,

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