Double Yellow Head Amazons

by Deb
(Ont Canada)

Double Yellow head Amazons

Double Yellow head Amazons

oh calls of the wild !! this breeding pr talk up a storm to you daily..saying everything from MoM extremly loud over n over till i take treats lol , they say oh ya !, comeer!, treat time yet?,they sound like the security system even when its not on...
HELLOOOOOOOO real long Peek a Boo n funny omg they sure are home entertainment ..they have to be the most comical birds i have ever dealt with and bred , personally...
No wonder we cant keep babies in stock...we have a high demand in Canada here for them and they besides the african grey congo are the BEST TALKERS in the bird world without a doubt in my mind! incredably clever and witty birds...i breed all types of amazons and greys I LOVE EM ALL !
i get a alot of amazons trying to talk at once to me daily and never really stopped n listened to them until last yr... since then have put a cam in rooms n spy want a laugh try that ...when birds have no idea your seeing them, they are themselves ...
quite a dif scene you will see without humans around.
i even take lil videos of handfeeding my babies so we can educate kids on baby parrots.

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Dec 10, 2014
by: Patrick

Wow these guys are looking really nice. They looks really cute. Well I did have 2 parrots at home noddy and Pluto. But both of them passed away as they grew in age. Noddy we lost her in a fever.

May 06, 2014
I love my Double Yellow Head Amazon
by: Deb

I have had my yellow Head Amazon for 6 years now,I got him when he was 10 years old.It took me a long time to get him to trust me and to totally bond. But I spent lots and lots of time with him.And now I can pet him, and he loves me. He loves to talk and says many things. I love this bird so much.The Amazon parrot does have many behaviors, but if you love your bird,you have to have patience, then you will get through it and start to understand his many many moods.In turn he will show his love for you.I have written an article on Hubpages called, The Double Yellow Head Amazon,Is this the right pet for you? Just go to,,,(Debraw50)Please leave a comment.My Amazon Max and I. He is my best friend, he talks to me and I talk to him,we are friends for life.

Mar 20, 2012
Yeah! Just got a yellow head amazon
by: Anne

Excited about the new adventure!

Aug 31, 2011
by: Melissa

My amazon is now 13 years old, but since i have had my daughter( 5 yrs ago) she HATES me when my daughter is around. When my daughter is at school she loves me....I dont get it....and she has started screaming recently....not sure what to do with her anymore!

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Jun 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

i had my doubleyellow head for 4 years i just recently sold her as i could not take care of her when i left for florida. she loves people and talks all the time. i am gonna miss her. she too tells us bye bye when we put our coat on and says hello when we come home. she says good morning birdie whenshe wakes up inthe morning

Nov 05, 2010
Going yellow all over
by: Matt

Our double yellow headed says "see you later" when you put your coat on and then says "bye" when you say bye or see you later. He is about 6 years old and has normal fruity and low sunflower seed parrot mix but has recently started getting yellow come through on his body feathers, any ideas what this means anyone?

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Apr 13, 2010
love my double yellow head
by: Jancie

I got my amazon 10-31-2009. she is a second hand parrot. I was getting a mate for my cockateil at this shelter when the double yellow head ran towards the corner of her cage where i was. We bonded right then. It has taken a long time to get her to trust me and now she will get on my hand and come out of her cage, but only for a short time. I want to build her trust. Yes at first she did bite me alot but i took it like it was no big deal. I want to put her on a play scape out of her cage, but right now we are taking baby steps and I am not hurrying her. I love her so much. I have 4 bassett hounds and one weiner dog. I also have three cockateils (all resque birds).She does not get scared of any of them.

Nov 21, 2009
she hates me
by: Anonymous

Mine hates me too, sometimes. Sometimes she can't wait to get near me and get her neck scratched and her back stroked. Sometimes she just wants to be left alone. Sometimes she attacks me when other people are in my house. They are weird, moody birds and biters for sure. I wouldn't have picked one, but she came to me and she loves me in her own way.

Sometimes she just wants to chat. She says SHUT THE DOOR, probably from my stepmother telling my dad to put the bird up-she says THANK YOU-and most amusing is when she really wants attention she says NOT GUILTY-clear as a bell. Mostly hello in different tones. If I go into the bathroom specifically, or have dinner without sharing she screams. And at bedtime if I don't turn the lights down at dark-thirty. Amazons are weird.

Jun 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

you bird iz cute do the come in greenn yellow and red i am looking for annd bird and dose colors in pecific

Jun 08, 2009
I also have one
by: Emily

I also have a double yellow head. His name is Tommy and he says clean up and Mom I want food and eats corn and stuff. He get's on my nerves sometimes but Tommy is really young. He's only 2 years old.

Mar 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

i Have a double yellow headed amazon aswell my parrot only has bit me about 2 times.he is allways talking specially when there is alot of people inside or outside the house. I only have about 2toys in my parrots cage

Jan 14, 2009
by: Ellissa

That a cute story! My double headed amazon hates me.. but he does talk tons when I am not paying attention to him. Then he says " hellllloooo" LOUD all the time! I've had him for 8 years or i'd get rid of him. He bites too and it leaves scars. I give him treats, toys, attention, he still hates me.

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