double yellow headed amazon aggression

by Mandy Bowick
(Gladwin, MI)

I have a 10 year old male double yellow headed amazon. I was supposed to be only birdsitting him for a couple weeks while his owner did some remodeling. That was over 3 years ago and the original owner has absolutely no interest in taking him back. Chi Chi (the parrot) is very fearful of people and is very aggressive. I learned from the owner that she was the fourth owner in the birds 7 years of life.

I was told that Chi Chi was abused in his second home, being handled with welding gloves and kept in an unfinished basement without much light, he was neglected and tormented by young children in his third home and was kept in a ferret cage without any toys. The owner before me, had multiple parrots and didn't have much time to work with him. He is very noisy and aggressive.

I have tried to work with him to get him to trust me and I have made little progress with him. His behavior has really started to bother the other members of my family and he is very trying at times for me to take care of. I'm not sure what else to try and I do not want to pass him off to another owner. I'm afraid any of the progress I have made with him would be ruined. I would love for him to be happy and enjoy his life. I guess my question is how can I make him happy??

I almost wonder if I tried to find an owner of a female, if he would be more comfortable and happy with another bird? I have a female Eclectus, but he doesn't really seem interested in becoming friends with her :(. I thought maybe another bird of his own kind would help with the loneliness he must be feeling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Jun 30, 2018
Double Yellows
by: Jon

I have a 21 year old young Male. I'm the only one who can really handle him.If I wasn't there my daughter could, my Son could. If I'm there, forget about it.He is incredibly affectionate with me, unless I just get out of the shower. Then he is a a jerk for a time. Most Amazon's attach to one person...

Feb 26, 2012
Not a losing battle
by: Anonymous

I sure hope that you werent discouraged by the other posts. :( I have an Amazon that was not abused in his previous home, but does have an aggressive way,we are working on it...slowly but surely. Don't give up, positive reinforcements are a great way to reward good behavior. But most of all, you just have to be patient, they have to be able to trust you before anything else... Hang in there, you can find a lot of info online that can help. It's def not a losing battle, its just one you have to work with to overcome :) A vet is not a psychiatrist :)

Jun 21, 2011
Find Avian Vet for bird
by: Tracie

Here is a link to our Find an Avian Vet page. If there is not one listed there, try the two links at the top of the page and do a search for a vet near you.

Jun 21, 2011
Thank You
by: Mandy

Thank you so much. He has been to the vet and he is a very physically healthy bird. I had a horrible time in the beginning because he was being fed fast-food,chips and bird seed (wild bird seed). It took me a long time to get him adjusted to fresh foods and pellets. I have never let him out at the same time as my Eclectus because I was worried for her safety, I was just curious if maybe it was just a species difference that he doesn't like about her, but I will definitely make sure I don't let her around him. He really is a sweet boy at times and he will take food from me and eat it while I'm still around. On occasion, I will read him books and he will move onto the door of the cage and look at the pages, I just worry that he will never trust me enough to be happy. I'm going to stick it out though and I have already made my mind up in keeping him. I can't in good conscience try to make a profit on a tortured bird. It isn't fair to him. He didn't ask for the life he was given and I'm going to try to make it up for him, I just don't want to hurt him anymore than he has been hurt. I'm not sure where to find a professional in this area. The vet I use doesn't have much experience with birds, but he is the only vet within 100 miles that will even see him. The one he used to go to isn't practicing anymore. Do you have any suggestions for finding someone?

Jun 21, 2011
double yellow headed amazon aggression
by: Linda

Thank you very much for your letter. Your letter is a shining example of why people should not breed parrots. Your bird is one of thousands born every year to go from one neglectful/abusive home to the other. The Amazons can live up to 70+ years and think of how much abuse that comes to for a lifetime.

As Tracie said, it will be best for you to seek professional help because your bird has been tormented to the point of mental illness. Do not bring anymore birds into your household and do take this one to Avian Vet as a neglected bird can have many kinds of physical problems. He can also have brought sickness to your other bird, so do not wait to have him examined by an avian vet.

Please do not be too hasty about rehoming him because he is a prime subject for worse abuse than he has already experienced. Take time to try and find a way to work with him and be the first people he's ever known that were worthy of him. His trust in humans in nil, so you are starting from scratch. His other experiences with humans have been full of torment and lonliness. He needs YOU and not another bird. In fact, he may be likely to kill another bird, so make sure you keep Eclectus inside cage when he is out at least until you make some progress with him.

Thanks for being willing to help him, and make no mistake, you have your work cutout for you.

Keep us posted on all things as we are here to provide moral support in all things parrots.


Jun 20, 2011
Amazon aggression
by: Tracie

Bless your heart! We have some training material on our Parrot Training page that might help you.

I suggest you get professional help, since this bird has so many years of issues. Below is a good article also.

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