double yellow headed amazon - biting after almost 3 years.

by janet
(palmdale, ca)

My double yellow headed amazon. Has started biting me and appears angry after almost three years. He has always bitten my husband, but never me. For the last few months, he's be screaming in the evening time and seems angry. I thought it might be the season for him to scream to find a mate, but this biting has be concerned.

His diet hasn't changed and our at home routine hasn't changed either. I do work during the day and he's at home with our African red belly parrot (kept in separate cages)? Any suggestions on what to do about this recent biting and anger he has? I so want to keep him, but if I can't figure how to make him happy again and stop biting me, I'm afraid I won't be able to.

Do you think maybe it's a vitamin deficiency? I took him to bird vet when I first got him, and all the blood work and examination came back just fine, except when he was a young bird he must have had a wing broken. The vet said she could feel where the break was. My bird didn't even attempt to bite the vet.

I know only of his past seven-history, 3 with us and 4 with a prior family who kept him for four years, then had to rehome him as their circumstances changed. Any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Mar 05, 2012
Bird suddenly biting
by: Tracie

I suggest you Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird, just in case it doesn't feel well, and is trying to communicate that to you.

If your bird is eating 80% high quality pellets, like Harrison's or Roudybush, then you do not have to worry if it has a vitamin deficiency. If the bird eats colored pellets or some other high sugar/chemical pellets, then it could be an allergic reaction.

Other things that cause sudden behavior changes like this is when something changes in the environment or on you. Like you might have changed shampoo, deodorant etc. Or maybe you added a new figurine to somewhere near the cage. Things we don't even think about can upset a bird.

Please don't even think about re-homing this bird until you have had the bird checked out by an avian vet. What if it is just hormonal, and it may take a year or so to come back to normal? It would be sad to give up a bird at a time that the bird may not get along with anyone and add stress to it's life.

We do have some parrot training materials, in case that might help, on our Parrot Training page you can read.

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