Double Yellow Headed Amazon Losing his feathers

by Woolf
(Vancouver, BC. Canada)



Our double yellow headed amazon parrot has begun losing his colorful tail feathers and the feathers on his chest are all fine white and fluffy. He is seven years old. While doing research we just discovered that sunflower seeds can cause birds to pluck their feathers. Our other 2 parrots, a conure and a red lore amazon also eat sunflower seeds and they are fine. Could this be why our Yoda is losing his feathers?

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Jun 26, 2018
Molting Amazon
by: Anonymous

Well her feathers grow back green

Mar 04, 2014
My Billy
by: Anonymous

Vitamin A is important for parrots.

I had him since he was five yrs old, he'll be 38 yrs old come May/14... My big baby ♥

Feed your feather friend everything you eat ,no beef or pork but lots of veggies. try giving your parrot different foods to eat. My parrot doesn't like these colored parrot mixes, he won't eat them. His feathers are so silky soft and his eyes are so clear and pretty.

I buy from this website that makes the best mixes

'avian Organics Parrot Foods & Treats' here in BC,Canada

I think he'll out live me ;-)

Mar 04, 2014
double yellow yellow head amazon
by: Anonymous

Hi, my one year old yellow head amazon
Is loose feathers, I do not is normal for amazon
At this age loose feathers. If some one have experience
Or knows about it , would you please give me some tips

Jan 19, 2010
Update on Yoda
by: Karen and Woolf

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that Yoda saw the vet today and preliminary exams show a Vitamin A deficiency, which he is being treated for. We are awaiting blood work and x-ray results, but we are told by Dr. MacDonald that he should be able to come home Thursday afternoon. Thanks for all of your posts!

Jan 15, 2010
Further Info on Yoda
by: Karen & Woolf

I should have clarified in the original post that all of our birds are on Harrison's food, supplemented by fruits, veggies and sunflower seeds and they get lots of attention. We have since stopped giving all of our birds sunflower seeds until we determine what the problem is.

Jan 15, 2010
Amazon losing feathers
by: The Avian Vet

Feather damaging behaviors can be complicated and be caused by many things. Sunflower seeds do not cause plucking, but a poor diet can, and sunflower seeds are not a good diet.

All of your birds should be eating a pellet diet, Harrison's is the best, but Roudybush is also a good diet.

The diet should be 80% pellets and 20% treats, and a few sunflower seeds are a good treat. For amazons, the diet should contain no more than 5% seeds.

I recommend that you have your Amazon examined now, have blood work and x-rays done to diagnose the feather damaging behaviors. I also recommend that you take all of your birds in for annual check ups and vaccinations. My Feather Damaging Behavior article may also be helpful. Please let me know how Yoda does and what they find on his work up.

Dr B

Jan 14, 2010
by: Hillary

What a pretty bird!!!! My double yellow doesn't have all that yellow and she's 40. Remember that these are scavangers and eat all things to supplement their diet. meat, noodles, cheese,fruit, cheerios, dried fruit-and lots and lots of eye to eye attention or they get bored and pick feathers.

Jan 14, 2010
Double Yellow Headed Amazon Losing his feathers
by: Linda

Sunflower seeds are too high in protein and fat for birds to have many. I highly recommend you change your birds over to an organic, high quality pelleted diet as soon as is possible. The Avian Vet has written an article about changing them over, and I'll put the link in in a while.

First, you need to take your DYH to an Avian Vet to make sure he does not have an infection, parasites or some other physical cause for the feather loss. Second, buy some pellets and get started on giving all your birds a high quality diet that will keep their skin and feathers as well as their entire bodies in great condition. Less trips to the vet with illnesses caused from poor nutrition will be one of the benefits of a more wholesome diet. Birds become addicted to sunflower seeds and some will even refuse to eat anything else, so you must start to eliminate them from your bird's diets. Our Amazons eat Harriosns and their Birdy Bread and a little baked sweet potato, and no seeds are offered. They used to only want sunflower and were sick all the time and in poor feather. That was almost 17 years ago, and they only go the vet for occasional toenail/beak trims and look great and have a lot of energy. Cost of the pellets is offset by not having sick birds who look bad all the time. Tracie carries several kinds of the organic pellets out here, so you may wish to check them out.

Here is the link to the article explaining how to approach changing from seeds to pellets:


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