Double Yellow Nape won't lay eggs

by Mirella

Hi, I have a pair of Double Yellow Napes that laid 3 eggs almost 2 years ago. The eggs were all healthy and hatched just fine. Last year they laid 1 egg but mysteriously disappeared from the box.

I know that a human hand would not have been able to remove the eggs since these birds are not hand tamed. I thought perhaps a snake took the egg, other have said that sometimes they eat the egg if they themselves lack calcium. However, they have never laid eggs since then. Can you shed some light on this. Should I be doing something about it?

Thank you. Mirella

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Mar 22, 2009
Amazon won't lay eggs
by: Tracie

Do you take your birds to an avian vet every year for a check up? If you have not done this, please take them to their vet for an examination.

I am not a breeder, but I understand from breeder friends that different species have different environments that they need to encourage breeding behavior. Her Jardine's, for instance, will only breed in a dark environment. She mostly covers the cage when it is time for them to breed again.

Your vet will be able to ask you all the right questions and examine your birds to make sure they are good to go. He/she will be able to give you advice for your specific birds.

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