double yellow parrot and Quaker get along?

Is it safe to bring home a double yellow parrot if I already have a Quaker? I've had my Quaker for seven years, and was thinking of adopting a double yellow parrot. Is that a good idea would they be able to get along

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Jun 18, 2015
Quaker and other parrot getting along
by: Angela

I have had my Quaker parrot for five years and have entertained the thought of getting another bird. Rocky is very territorial with her cage, her bird room and me. She tolerates my husband but if he gets too close to me, she will attack. Rocky was a rescue from an abusive home and was self mutilating when I got her. She's over that now and I fear if I get another bird and spend time with it, she will either attack out of jealousy, start mutilating again or get a broken heart.

Since Rocky's health and well being are important to me, I decided not to get another. Even though there is room in my heart for another bird, there isn't room in Rocky's. It all depends on the temperament of your bird and how well it tolerates others. Like the blogger said, do your research and also remember, twice as many birds means twice the care, twice the mess and twice the noise.

A lot of people have more than one bird and don't have any problems, this was just not an option for me.

Jun 17, 2015
Adding another bird question
by: Tracie

I am thinking you may mean a double yellow headed Amazon? If so, then allowing them out together at the same time will be something you will have to carefully try and see. Meaning, you are there with gloves on, ready to stop them from fighting if they suddenly don't get along.

Even two of the same species can fight until the death, so this is true no matter what bird you add to an established flock. (Even one bird = a flock because you are a part of the flock, and the bird can be protective of your relationship.)

Obviously an Amazon can do serious damage to you and other smaller birds. Make sure you have read up on how you can have an Amazon for years, and then suddenly they go through a hormonal stage and you can't safely let the bird out of the cage for a long time, or maybe ever again. Do your homework, not trying to discourage you from rescuing this bird, just keeping it from leaving your home too.

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