Dove behaviours

How do you know when a dove is happy, comfortable, relaxed...and not nervous? Can shaking her wings when we enter the room be a sign of nervousness, or is she saying hello to us..?

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Aug 18, 2011
Dove behaviours
by: Linda

All birds nap some during the day, so when you walk in on them, they will shake their wings out to kind of wake up like we do when stretching. Sometimes, they will also stretch their legs too.

One thing I need to mention here is if this is a new bird, and you have not yet taken her to be checked for infections/parasites with an Avian Vet, you need to do that. We recommend exam by Avian Vet within the first few days to a week new birds are in our home. After that, we recommend yearly checkups to make sure all is well as birds hide their illness until they are too sick to stand up. Also birds have to be seen by Avian Vet if sick or injured inbetween those visits.

If your bird is standing on the plain wooden dowels, please get her some safe wood natural branch perches. These can be purchased with hardware already installed from pet stores who carry bird supplies. Make sure perch diameter is correct for your bird's feet as this is very important. What natural branch perches do is allow bird's feet and legs to relax, and they will be less likely to develop painful arthritis.

Doves are some of the most beautiful birds, you are fortunate to have her,and please make sure her cage is very roomy and that she has high quality food to eat and attention from you as often as you can.

Thanks for writing,

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