drooling bird

by Connie

My male lorikeet about 7 years old is drooling and shutting his eyes for a long time but when I stroke his back he re-opens he's eyes. What can I do before he dies ?

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Jan 05, 2017
Drooling bird
by: Anonymous

My parrot drools almost every day when he is ready to sleep and starts grinding his beak. The drool falls onto the newspaper below. He has been doing it for as long as I've had him so that doesn't worry me. He also closes his eyes for a long time then opens them, checking out what's going on every half hour or so.
He is a happy and healthy talking bird too, but if your worried see an Avian vet

Jan 07, 2012
Bird drooling
by: Tracie

The only thing you can do is Find an Avian Vet to examine and treat your bird. Please do not delay.

There are just not any miracle treatments that treat and make birds well. You have to know what is wrong and then have the proper medicine prescribed according to the illness.

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