Dry Beak

It is winter and we are running the heat (dry) alot. My conure's beak seems to be dry on both the top and bottom ends. Is this normal or should I treat this or change her diet?

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Feb 12, 2010
Dry beak problem
by: The Avian Vet

If your bird is not on a pellet diet, then she needs to be. Not necessarily because her beak is dry but because pellets are better for her in general. I recommend feeding Harrison's pellets because they contain omega fatty acids which will prevent dry skin and beaks.

Proving proper humidity can also help. Humidity for parrots needs to be 40-50% relative humidity. Regular bathing also helps. Do not apply any moisturizers to the beak. Also giving her things to chew on will help the beak too.

If you feel this is a medical issue, then she needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian. You should take her in anyway for an annual check up and vaccinations.

Dr B

Feb 11, 2010
Dry Beak
by: Linda

All of us have to deal with the dryer conditions during the winter. What you can do is to use one of the plastic plant sprayer bottles with clean, warm water in it and spray their nostrils lightly each day. You can also spray their perches and cage bottom too as this will add some moisture to their general area. Do not get them heavily wet when using the spray bottle, just put it on a gentle wide spray and hold it up and let it fall down like a light rain or mist.

The other thing you can do is to find a pan, add some rocks, add in water just over the rocks and let that evaporate. Make sure NO pets have access to this pan of water and that includes the birds. If you have some larger fully polished rocks, that would work best and not leave any minerals in the water. If not, just yard rocks that have been scrubbed clean will work. Don't allow any pets to drink this water. A small fish tank will also work to add moisture into room plus it is entertaining for the birds.

I don't advocate humidifiers and vaporizers because they can and do cause pneumonia in birds. They always create a draft as the water comes out under pressure, and it chills the birds. Use the old-fashioned ways I spoke of, and you can't go wrong.

Thanks for writing,

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