duck voice getting quieter and quieter

by Debbie
(Wichita, Ks)

I do not have a parrot but a house duck. If you can help me, great. If not, please direct me to someone who might.
I do not have a great deal of money so free advice is appreciated. Our duck is 3 months old and all of his outdoor siblings have their quacks but Harley started out kind of scratchy and seems to be getting quieter and quieter until it's now almost a whisper. He seems to be acting fine, except the voice. Any suggestions? I hope it's not something serious. If he's just destined to be a "whisper" ducky, we can live with that.

Thanks so much for your consideration in advance.


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Oct 08, 2011
Duck losing voice
by: The Avian Vet

This could be caused by infection, either bacterial, viral or fungal. It may be that he is slightly behind in development or that there is a physical abnormality. There may be other causes so

I recommend that you have this bird examined by an avian veterinarian immediately. There is nothing I can recommend doing without knowing the cause. Getting a diagnosis is most important in order to administer the correct treatment.

Dr B
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Oct 07, 2011
duck voice getting quieter and quieter
by: Linda

Unfortunately, this sounds like an upper respiratory infection which if not taken care of will kill your duck. Please find an Avian Vet and take him in as soon as you can. These infections are highly contageous, so tell the Avian Vet you have more ducks at home, and he may go ahead and prescribe meds for all of them as they all will die if this is bad.

It could be either a bacterial infection or a viral infection. Either way, duck has to be examined by Avian Vet not a dog and cat vet so see what the matter is. You could lose all your ducks by waiting, and it should not be too expensive to have this checked out.

Lots of Avian Vets will work out a payment plan with you, so please don't give up and allow ducks to die because you don't want to ask for assistance. Also, if Avian Vet does work out a payment plan with you, make sure you make every single payment and then you will have established a very valuable line of credit when your ducks need medical attention. All birds get sick or injured and will need medical services of an avian vet at sometime, so this is always part of making a commitment to have birds or any other pets.

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Thanks for writing,

PS Do not give any over the counter meds because until you know what is wrong, you cannot treat it.

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