Dusty the Dusky Conure does not talk, but is very sweet

Dusky Conure Picture

This is Dusty, my Dusky Conure. Dusty is 3 years old as of the fall of 2006. She does not talk, but she does make medium loudness in her squawks. She also LOVES going in my bathroom for a bath!

"For a little thing she sure is spoiled!". I do not feed her too much peanuts because of the fat content, so I feed her apples. Apples are now her love!

I had her since August 2005 and she is stuck to me ALL the time. She is on my shoulders, grooms my face and hair, but when she is "done" she flies back to her cage!

Like I say sometimes, "Another day, another Dusty!".

I do take her to see my friends sometimes but she is way too nervous.

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