Dusky conure - cold-like symptoms?

Dusky conure makes squeaky noises, sneezes, has a warm beak, and is maybe a little more affectionate than normal. I have a dusky conure that is about 9 months. I bought him from a pet store when he was 6 months old. At that time he was very healthy, had very shiny feathers, very perky, curious, and a little onrey. All healthy qualities.

He has adapted very well to our household routines and still looks very healthy.

My question is that he seems to have maybe "cold like" symptoms. His beak seams warmer than usual, he makes these squeaky noises (sort of like a baby bird might when its being comforted by "mamma"), and he is sneezing every so often. He also seems maybe a bit more affectionate than normal.

Since we have had him he has become rather attached to my boyfriend who works a 3 week on and off schedule and I work a normal day job so he is alone during the day. Do you think he misses my husband and is displaying a "sense of loss". Do you think he has a common bird cold?

He does get a lot of attention when we are home and I even let him sleep with me. Its strange how this came to be. His cage is in my bedroom. I noticed that when we are holding him and the lights go dim or the you shut the lights off all together he runs to you (very cute I might add) snuggles right into your neck like glue and becomes very affectionate. One night I just fell asleep while holding him and he slept with me all night at the top of my head staying snuggled in. Since then I often let him sleep with me thinking this may help him from feeling too alone during the day. Do you thing this is ok, and is it ok for his health?

Can you please tell me what you think and if his squeaking, warmer than usual not really hot beak, and sneezing is this normal. What I should be doing for him if anything.

I have lost a dusky before after only having him for 5 days. He was very clingy and lovable and was never let alone since we really hadn't had him very long. And over night just started acting different then died the next morning. I was told that the bird probably experienced a severe case of seperation since he was very attatched to his cage mate. Which happens to be the bird we now have. We have now had him for a little more than 3 months. I just thought you should know a little back ground on him since I am a little paranoid for abvious reasons.

I would appreciate any advice or help could share with me.

Thank you

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Nov 08, 2010
Conure early sign of illness
by: The Avian Vet

These are early signs of illness. Your bird may have a problem and you should have him examined by an avian veterinarian who has experience with baby birds.

It may be a bacterial or viral infection, maybe in the sinuses, or nasal cavities. It could be allergies, or even dry air causing irritation in the air passages.

You should not sleep with your bird. I have had clients that rolled onto their bird and killed them. They too thought it was not going to happen to them. It also does not change him feeling lonely during the day. He is safer in his cage at night.

So, this bird?s cage mate died, and now this bird is showing similar symptoms? Well, one could consider separation as having an effect on healthy, but certainly is not the primary cause of death or illness.

You need to find an avian veterinarian TODAY.

Find an Avian Vet

Dr B

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