Dusky conure cuddly?

I would like to get a companion for my dusky conure. what type of bird/conure would you suggest?

Which of the conures make the most cuddly companions? Would you say the dusky conure is a sweet as the green cheek conure? I am looking for a cuddly pet bird. thank you!

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Jun 04, 2011
Dusky Conure
by: Anonymous

Be careful, I bought another conure and my original tame and friendly conure suddenly didn't want to know me anymore, he was only interested in the new bird. It's nice to see the two of them together but I do regret getting the second conure.....lovely though she is!!!

Apr 18, 2011
Dusky consure cuddly
by: Linda

Whichever kind of parrot you decide on, please do not put birds together in cage. Keep both in separate cages and watch carefully when they are out of cage to make sure no fighting happens.

Also, your new bird will need to be examined by an Avian Vet before it comes home because it may have an infection that can be spread to the other bird. We recommend Avian Vet visit within the first few days, and if there are other birds present in the home, the avian vet visit needs to be taken care of BEFORE the new bird comes home to prevent spread of disease.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 18, 2011
What bird is cuddly?
by: Tracie

Dusky conures typically make great pets, but the cuddly part depends on the bird. You will need to purchase a bird that is already cuddly with you first of all. Then you will need to keep up the relationship by spending time with the bird.

Please realize that conures can live 20 years or more. Make sure you have 20 years to spend with the bird, because it would be cruel to be this bird's main flock member and then decide it is just going to sit in the cage for 15 years.

We do have a Parrot Species comparison Chart that has general guidelines for birds. There are NO hard and fast rules for birds. For instance, my mom had an African Grey that didn't learn any words even though she talked and played with it and lived in the room with it 24/7.

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