Dusky Conure Problem

by David Neaves
(South Africa)

hi there, please can you try and help us? our dusky conure murray has been bitting his leg continually until it bleeds. He has a small bump on his wing that he does not chew at but he wont leave his leg alone. we have taken him to a vet and he has recieved two courses of antibiotics, no difference. we give him parrot tonic and treat his leg with antibiotic cream. he is very weak in the mornings but seems to get better during the day. we dont know what to do! please help we love him very much. thank you.

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Nov 04, 2008
Antibiotics not working on bird
by: Anonymous

You need to find an avian specialist, even if you have to drive some distance. Obviously antibiotics are not working. You need to determine what the cause is so a proper treatment can be administered. Things to think about are contact allergies, poor diet (feed Harrison's), articular gout, poor circulation, behavioral abnormalities, dermatitis,........

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