This is Rebecca’s Dusky Conure pictures and story.

Her Dusky Conure picked her out at the store.

Dusky Conure, Sarge Dusky Conure
Sarge Sarge in the Shower

This is my Dusky Conure named Sarge. He makes a year old in June. I absolutely LOVE him! And everyone I know loves him and he loves them.

He is cuddly, loving, playful, comic, and often times into EVERYTHING. Sarge is VERY curious and quite mischievous. I can't tell you the number of times he has been out and I turned to talk to someone or watch TV only to turn around and catch him running. Most of the time, I don't know what he was running for, but I know it was because he was into something he knew he shouldn't be.

He is well trained, believe it or not, but still likes to get in trouble. He is very easy to train. He is potty trained and knows our routines and sticks to them. He does get obstinate sometimes and refuse to do what I ask but it isn't often and I don't let him get away with it. He also gets mad at me sometimes when I clip his nails or clean his cage so he poops on me (ew!).

He loves to cuddle and would like to be on me at all times of the day. If he is on his tree stand and I walk by, he tries to hitch a ride on my shoulder EVERY time. And if he isn't on me, he will call to me every few minutes or so.

He really isn't loud, mostly just does kissy sounds to call to me. And even when he does scream, it really isn't as loud as some other birds.

He plays with his toys and LOVES rope. He likes nothing better than to be upside down or showing off for a group of people.

He still doesn't talk. He only whistles and makes kissy sounds. So, if you want a bird that will talk, a dusky may not be for you, but then again my dusky could just be an odd dusky.

Good luck on your decision and watch for signs of your bird choosing you. My Dusky Conure kept jumping on me in the store and wouldn't leave me alone. I wasn't going to buy him but he SCREAMED when I went to leave so I just knew I could not leave him there.

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